Conan Exiles Age Of War Chapter 2 battlepass bugged weapons

I dont even know what to say at this point. The game is broken, again. With the new update, people can craft 93 damage spears from the old Battle pass. You cant even use them if you kill someone with them, because only people who had the battlepass can use it. Really funcom? This almost seems intentional. Op battlepass weapons while every other weapon in game is the exact same. Secondly, the lag is horrible. If you are playing on console, good luck fighting anyone without having to relog every 5 mins. Third, unplayable dungeons. How does this even happen? You add a new update and almost every single aspect of the game is broken. Fourth, sweep glitch is back. If you dont know what sweep glitch is, its a glitch where your character can do a full 360 while swinging. Dont believe me? Try swinging your weapon while moving your camera. With sweep glitch and lock on plus lag, = pvp broken. Players can lock on and they will never miss because of the glitch. How did this even happen? The glitch was in the game before, then it got patched, then its back again with a new update? Wtf funcom. These issues need to fixed immediately or players will start giving up on this game. EDIT: been 4 days and still no hot fix. In done with conan exiles. Funcom refuses to listen to their players and refuses to even talk about what i mentioned on this forum!! Goodbye conan exiles, it was fun while it lasted, but the direction funcom is going with this game, ill be surprised if their is anyone to play the game in the next 3 months.

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