Conan exiles command question

I have a private server and I’m trying to do somthing fun for the people on my server and I’m trying to reward them with a pet with stats I have changed to be slightly higher. I found the command SetFollowerStat. Then it says. Stat [FSing] Value [int 32] so I typed SetfollowerStat Strength 15. But it didnt change any thing. can any one tell me what I did wrong or what I need to type please. Thank you

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I would like help on this also.

For the command to work, the follower needs to be currently following YOU

If you are the Admin, and not playing on the server (no buildings)
have the player invite you to clan, have the follower follow you, use the command, tell follower to stop following, leave the clan.

This will not work if you have built anything with the admin character because the clan will own everything.

Also you can’t invite the player to clan, because you would own the follower and all the players buildings when he leaves the clan.

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