Conan Exiles Dedicated Server App (Latest Version: 1.0.25)


Been a while since I was last here…

Wow this update basically resolved every issue I had with the program and added tickrate adjustment. Thank you!

Still got the annoying “do you want to close?” message when closing the program, but dang, very welcome changes.

I see later versions added a whole bunch more stuff and now the UI is quite busy!

As for a request: What about adding the netspeed configuration options?

See this thread, and specifically this post from a dev, about it:

I’m not totally sure if it requires the client to have the same settings too, but it bears investigation.


Is it possible to add option to automatic restart server many times per day ?
Or is it allready possible, if so how ?


This is not supported at the moment.

Is there any specific reason why you would like to be able to restart the server multiple times per day?


I’m running custom dedi server with mods and my players tell me it runs better if i reboot the server more often than once a day, now i do it manually in evening, in morning i have automatic restart.



Unfortunatly, the manifest fix of the faq you suggested me to try didn’t solved my issue :frowning:

I’m still at the same point:

  • Server visible in Steam server list or ingame (on LAN or WAN)
  • All ports green in the UI
  • Server accessible and working properly when on LAN
  • Server accessible and working properly when on WAN in direct connection by IP with a VPN connection established to my LAN
  • Timeout on login in every other cases (ie WAN without VPN)

Any idea ?


Ok, so through a VPN this works, without VPN it does not…

Things that come to mind that are worth checking:

  • Check if there are any useful information in the ConanSandBox.log files of both the client and server around the time of the connection attempt, trying once with the VPN and once without, to see if you can see some messages that appear only in one case and not the other.
  • Check if you have things like IPV6 enabled when your VPN is not active, I’ve seen that mess up some network cases.
  • Check the firewall logs
  • Check the router/modem logs
  • Run some packet loss tests (like from the client try to “ping -t serverip” to see if latency is weird and if you get packets dropped)


Is it possible to get option that server doesn’t update automatic ?

Reason: Modded servers could wait till all mods are updated first.


So basically an option to directly run the server without calling SteamCMD before?


If it works like that then yes ?


I made a dedicated server using the app and when I go in game and make myself admin, opening the admin panal or enabling cheats crashes the server and the server says Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. How do I stop this from happening, do i need to go into the files somewhere and change something?


I think it maybe because I didnt have rcon enabled


How do I get the battleye on my server can someone help me?


Need to check, but I seem to remember it uses a “IsBattlEyeEnabled=True” entry in ServerSettings.ini


Version 1.0.14 works great, but I just have an issue with it, not a big deal, it’s more of like a little annoyance. With v1.0.12, it was displaying the log just fine, but with this version now it only shows stuff in the log window if my server is either restarting or shutting down, I don’t really see what’s happening, so for now I stick to v 1.0.12.


You must be one of the unlucky 12 persons who downloaded 1.0.14 just before I replaced it by 1.0.14_fixed.exe.
Try redownloading it, it was a stupid build error that made the code fail on loading the files.

If you do already have the fixed version, then it’s a totally different problem.


Oh okay I didn’t know that, I will give it a try right now, thanks for the quick reply!
Update: fixed version works like a charm, thank you for this great utility.


Hi, i can use this tolls for my Xbox One server?


I updated the FAQ:

A: We are unfortunately not allowed by game console publishers to release server executable to the public. (I guess they probably fear that they could be hacked and allow people to play online without having the right subscription level.)


Ok, could you try the Dedicated Server Launcher 1.0.15 (signed) ?

That one has been digitally signed with the Funcom signature we use for ConanExiles client and server.

If that fixes the issue, then I’ll try to add that to my build setup so it happens automatically for the next versions, if not, then we will have to find another solution!


After 2 first test it seems to work fine ! I’ll let you know if something comes up.

Thanks for great work !