Conan Exiles Dedicated Server App (Latest Version: 1.0.25)


You might want to take a look at Ark Server Manager. They solve this issue by installing a service which runs every X minutes and checks all registered mods and downloads any updated ones to a separate install folder, with the launcher/manager copying the mods from there. I’m pretty sure that will require admin permissions, though.


Adding a “link” to somthing like this Map so you can track your clan mates?
makes life easier

https:// conanexiles.ginfo .gg/


How do i set up multiple restarts a day, i would like to do 2 for now but eventually as the server grows i would like to have 4 and i just cant grasp hwo that is done


The launcher tool does not know anything about players, adding this type of information (I assume you don’t just want a link to a static picture of the world :smiley:) would require a significant amount of work, but I suspect there are mods that can do that?

This is not supported at the moment, is it really something you need? What is the reason, performance, memory usage?


@Toolguy Would it be too hard to add somewere on the tool to see just how many players are online without us having to scroll through logs if we are not online? IE I had to shut our server down yesterday for a while and had a few very upset ppl that I shut it off even after using the Rcon to let them know I was doing so since I saw no disconnects after 15 mins of waiting to see them log off.


well for performance reasons I run a RP server so there is a lot of loading it is not needed truly but I like to restart the server min of 2 times a day


If there’s an easy/reliable way to find that in the log, I guess I could just parse backward to find the player count and display it somewhere.

Which info are you looking for exactly when you scroll through the logs?

Ok, so it’s because of the game server running slow/using memory, and restarting it fixes the problem?


did not find any, but if its too much work i understand


What I look for is Something like this that I pulled from our logs:
[2018.10.18-21.54.58:333][861]Dreamworld:Display: PreLogin: 76561198052920314
[2018.10.18-21.54.58:333][861]ConanSandbox:Display: User 76561198052920314 logged in from unknown country
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:135][397]Login:Display: [FunCombat_PlayerController_C_0 None] User 76561198052920314 logged in.
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:135][397]Login:Display: [BaseGameMode_C_0] Picking player start from 35 cached positions.
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:135][397]Login:Display: [BaseGameMode_C_0] Picking player start 30/35
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:135][397]Login:Display: [BaseGameMode_C_0] BaseGameMode.StartLogin PlayerID: {}
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:139][397]LogNet: Join succeeded: dragon071578
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:561][400]Login:Display: [FunCombat_PlayerController_C_0 None] UserCharacterList: Loading Character 0
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:561][400]Login:Display: [FunCombat_PlayerController_C_0 None] Creating ADHOC Player Start Translation: X=-50555.809 Y=321209.969 Z=-21130.000 Rotation: P=0.000000 Y=-85.786774 R=0.000000 Scale X=1.000 Y=1.000 Z=1.000
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:561][400]Login:Display: [FunCombat_PlayerController_C_0 None] PreBeginPlay login completed.
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:640][403]Login:Display: [FunCombat_PlayerController_C_0 None] Could not find actor with UID: 17. Creating new actor for character.
[2018.10.18-21.57.54:700][403]ConanSandbox:Display: Character ID 17 has name Saelweng and guild ID 18.
[2018.10.18-21.58.39:089][528]BattlEyeLogging: BattlEyeServer: Player 0 is now In Play

I know other servers have a way of doing it so I can see just how many people are on line. I do not need to know who just howmany with out sifting through all the logs looking for stuff like this is possible.


I’m sad I don’t understand how this works at all. I have a dedicated server that I’m renting. Will this work for that? Is there any chance at all that anyone can do a video explaining how to use this?


@ShamAdams All this is gives you the ability to HOST the server from your own PC or a spare in home PC so it is a free server vs a paid one. You have to do all the management on it not the company you rent from. that’s the difference. Hope that makes it a bit clearer.


You can just run showplayers in an rcon connection.

Edit: Also @Saelweng


Is it possible to set commandline options for the server exe in the server launcher?
Like -useallavailablecores?



Well (sorry if I’m saying things that happen to be incorrect, I’m not one of the game programmers), as far as I know, the Unreal 4 Engine is not multi-threaded. It does things like runnings “jobs” (mostly loading, saving, etc…) using secondary threads that could run on different cores, but the vast majority of the job is done on one single CPU core.

One thing that could be done is to force the “affinity” to say that this particular game server should try to run on these particular cores if possible, but even if you give it 8 cores to play one, it will still probably use 90% of one single core and the rest now and then on a secondary one.


I see! But I got the problem that I’m running a private server for like three people and if one of us is on the game drops him out if another one is logging on. This behavior vanished when I applied the -useallavailablecores param to the server commandline (as suggested from other server admins).
I just wonder if it is possible to add this param to the commandline the server launcher uses to start the server.


Oh, that’s an actual existing server parameter… did not know that.
Is that only on the command line, or does it also exist as a “ini file” parameter?


Only commandline.


  • NOHOMEDIR : Override use of My Documents folder as home directory.
  • NOFORCEFEEDBACK : Disable force feedback in the engine.
  • NOSOUND : Disable any sound output from the engine.
  • NOSPLASH : Disable use of splash image when loading game.
  • NOTEXTURESTREAMING : Disable texture streaming. Highest quality textures are always loaded.
  • ONETHREAD : Run the engine using a single thread instead of multi-threading.
  • PATHS : Set what paths to use for testing wrangled content. Not used for shipping releases.
  • PREFERREDPROCESSOR : Set the thread affinity for a specific processor.
  • USEALLAVAILABLECORES : Force the use of all available cores on the target platform.


I guess these three are relevant and may or may not work together, not sure about the type of UI necessary to allow changing these.

What I’m wondering is the distinction between “core” and “processor” in these options.
The “Prefered Processor” is it really processor based, or core based?

I doubt many people have dual CPU motherboards, but many have multi-core/many-thread/hyperthreaded ones. How does this preferred processor option works in practice?

Maybe the simplest would be to add an edit field where people could just add whatever option they want on the command line parameters…


Yep! That would indeed be the easiest :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of one of the ARK servers I run:

“G:\Games\ARK Servers\Shattered\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\ShooterGameServer.exe” Shattered_P?listen?MultiHome= -clusterid=**** -ClusterDirOverride=“G:\Games\ARK Servers” -NoTransferFromFiltering -NoBattlEye -servergamelog -servergamelogincludetribelogs -nosteamclient -game -server -log


Or you could add the boolean parameters (and these three are booleans) in the preferences menu. But a commandline parameter edit field is fine. :slight_smile: