Conan Exiles Dedicated Server App (Latest Version: 1.0.25)


How can PREFERREDPROCESSOR be a boolean? I thought it was a processor or core number?


Yes of course, sorry, I was so fixated on the useallavailablecores param.


How to add plural MOD?


Not quite sure what you mean by “plural”.

The mod part is described on the documentation, but if what you asked was specifically about having multiple mods, just put them all in the edit field, separated with commas ( “,” symbol).


problem solved
thank you very much



(I hope that Google Translate did not write anything terrible there…)


That depends on whether his mother really is a goat pig that climbs trees?


How have I missed this thread for all this time… Fantastic @Toolguy, thank you for this work.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Good News Everyone, I asked during the team planning meeting if I could have a few hours allocated now and then to work “officially” on the requested features, and I was given green light - as long as it’s no more than a few hours -.

What that mean in practice, is not that I’m going to implement every single request that you guys are going to ask, but if I can find something that I can do in a couple of hours on a week day (assuming I’ve no super important top priority one things to do) I may actually implement it.

I’ve reviewed the few last weeks messages, and what I found as potential candidates are these:

  • Possibility to show the number of connected players (and eventually their names) so admins can know when they can safely do maintenance reboots
  • Possibility to reboot the servers more than once a day (to fix performance issues on large RP servers with a lot of mods, buildings and players)
  • Adding an edit field for people to add custom command line parameters
  • Possibility to set the processor/core affinity options to tweak performance

If there are important things I forgot, please tell.

Now, one question for you: So far I’ve extended the UI vertically, the current default size is 1054x608 pixels, would it make sense to make it larger, like for example extend to 1280 pixels wide which allow to see more of the log file without having to scroll left and right, and some room for the additional options (list of players, core affinity, etc…)


A resizable popout for the log instead would be great, instead of this little box at the bottom of the launcher.


No i just know running an RP server and having a growing database with the way conan operates i would like to be able to restart it twice a day once at 330Am and once at 330 pm.


It is resizable already (vertically at least), have you not tried to expand the bottom right corner?

It’s what I meant by “Possibility to reboot the servers more than once a day (to fix performance issues on large RP servers with a lot of mods, buildings and players)”.


ok is this or will it be an option in the future


It’s in the list of things I’ll try to get in the next few versions, can’t guarantee in which order or how fast this will happen, but it’s in my list :slight_smile:


I seem to be having issue with the warning messages, for example you put it in military time correct, so i have the server restarting at 330am every day, how ever my warning messages dont go off till like some weird ■■■ hour


The values for the warning messages are not absolute times, they are relative time to when the restart is supposed to happen.

If you look on the screenshot on the first post, you’ll see that the values are set to:

  • Restart at 10:00:00 (10 AM every day)
  • First message at 00:10 (10 minutes before, so at 9:50 AM)
  • Second message at 00:05 (5 minutes before, so at 9:55 AM)
  • Third message at 00:02 (2 minutes before, so at 9:58 AM)

What were the values you tried to use that did not behave as expected?


ohh ok i put them as military time, so it was 0310 0320 0329


i fixed it thow it should work as exspected now


Cool, tell me if things don’t work after that.

Also, if you could review the wording to the documentation and tell me if I should rewrite the part about warning messages so it gets clearer: Auto-Restart