Conan Exiles Dedicated Server App (Latest Version: 1.0.28)


The launcher itself was already set to admin, CMD is still set regular. I had to add it to the shortcut. Maybe I’ll pull it off both and try again. I’m having another issue anyway, so it’s no big deal.

conansandboxserver-win64-test is running when I launched my server, and it’s chewing up my memory. Is it supposed to be running? I actually had to reboot my whole system because I couldn’t remote access to reset teh server. (when upgrading foundations I would get kicked after only 1-2 blocks)

It wasn’t using this much memory before if it was running.


OK, so I removed admin from everything, and low and behold it’s working fine again… Don’t mind me. If there is a way one of my comps can mess with me, they will find it.

The app I mentioned which shows up as UE4Game in the task manager is still running kind of high, but not as bad as before. I planned to upgrade the ram on that PC anyway.


The server app has the extremely annoying tendency to randomly reset the server ports to their defaults.

This has caused me some headache when it seemed the server wouldn’t start correctly. And no, 7777,7778 are NOT ports that are useful in my setup.

The RCON port seems to be completely impossible to set, which is a real problem when running multiple servers.


The way the server launcher works:

  • On startup it loads the existing settings from the Saved folder of the GameServer (except if they don’t exist yet, in which case some default values are used)
  • If the files are changed externally (either because they were edited in notepad, or the game server rewrote them) then the tool reload the settings and update the UI accordingly
  • When you press the “Save” button, the currently loaded values are resaved to the settings files.

Could you zip and give me the content of the DedicatedServerLauncher\Logs folder?

If the issue is easy to reproduce, could you maybe just do a video capture showing the issue?

It’s the first time I hear of this issue, some people here have been using the tool since I released it in June, so either nobody signaled the issue, or it only happen in some specific circumstances: The more details I get, the more chances I can find what causes the problem.


If it happens again, I will try to gather as much information as possible. The RCON issue is quite easy to reproduce, just put in a different port :slight_smile:

Currently the server is running with the correct port set, even though the server launcher is showing the wrong ports (they changed and greyed out after I started the server). I will keep an eye on it when I restart the server.

I can’t upload pictures, so I can’t show that.


Well. I found out why the serverapp gets confused:

That’s from Engine.ini. Now the question is, how on earth did it save that many different values…


Hmm, the code was relying on the fact that on startup the gameserver was rewriting the ini file with only the last value.

I hope they did not change the behavior of the gameserver without telling me…

Can you confirm that the content of the Engine.ini does not get modified a few seconds after the GameServer starts?


I will check when I do a restart.


Another issue I’m running into is the launcher constantly hitting 100% of a core. Why is it even using this much CPU on anything when the server is already started.

It’s stuck in a ‘dialog’ apparently, with nothing else happening, and it’s basically becoming near unresponsive.

Stackdump of when this happens:



What would be useful is if when this happens you could go to the task manager, select the process -> Create Dump File and put the file somewhere so I can download it and see what exactly it is doing.

Normally the only activity the launcher does when the server is running is:

  • Check that the server is running (is the process id still there)
  • Get the content of the log file

Other questions:

  • How large is the game server log file when the problem happens?
  • What is your screen resolution (is it fullhd, 4k, multiple screens, …)
  • I see some “GetTextExtendExPoint” calls in the callstack you submitted, do you happen to have custom fonts or UI customization
  • What is the native language of your Windows system?


I’ve killed the process for now (curious what happens if I restart it with a running server) :slight_smile:

  • The server log hits 10MB before the server is even started, and now after having run for about 18 hours, it’s 36MB. To give you a range indication.
  • Dual screen at the moment with different resolution (2560 and 1920)
  • If you mean for Windows, it’s all bog standard.
  • English Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

My initial feeling is that it has to do with the display of the logfile in the application. I can’t corroborate this but it feels like it started when I tried to scroll back.

I will again check this when I’ve restarted the server.

So on my list:

  • Check server ports, check ini file timestamps after restart
  • Fiddle with log window in launcher, create dump when/if it start using 100% core



All ini files in Saved/Config get changed when the server starts. Or at least ‘touched’ (if there’s such an equivalent in Windows) because all their timestamps are when the server started.

And I still can’t upload images :slight_smile:

Now what I see, when I started the launcher, it shows me the port numbers as 7777 client, 7778 udp, 27102 query (this is the correct one), 25575 RCON (this cannot be changed).

In the config file the port numbers are however correct.

Shut down the server, adjusted something unrelated, did “Save Changes” and now there’s a whole new block in Engine.ini (leaving ouit the servername and serverpassword options):

This wasn’t there before (probably due to manual saves), but does show the 7777 port again.

It also added a block to Game.ini.

Files updated during Save Changes:

Stopped the server again, re-enabled backups (which I disabled before), and the blocks for the launcher have disappeared from the Engine and Game files. The Engine.ini now has:

So back to the original problem.

Shut down the server, the launcher, manually edited the ini files to reflect the wanted situation, restarted the launcher. Launcher doesn’t pick up the edited values from Engine and Game, but the server starts with the correct port settings from the ini files.

All 3 files again got written when the server started (I haven’t touched a thing on the launcher at this point, which is showing the wrong ports, but has all other information correctly)

Thing of note: url in my manual files is in lowercase, in the sections written by the launcher (which get overwritten by the server regardless, it seems) URL is in uppercase.


Do you mean that all the DedicatedServerLauncherxxxx are gone after the server starts?

Can you confirm which version of the launcher tool, and version of the game server you are running?


The section I pasted above disappeared on server shutdown. (And the one in Game.ini as well).

Launcher 1.0.16
LogInit: Build: ue415-dw-Stable-osl-CL-108618.0
LogInit: Engine Version: 4.15.3-108618+ue415-dw-Stable-osl
LogInit: Compatible Engine Version: 4.15.0-108618+ue415-dw-Stable-osl
LogInit: Net CL: 108618

(Not sure if that’s just the UE engine version, though. The server is updated with SteamCMD every time I start)


Ok, could you download this version and tell me if that helps:

  • Fixed a problem with the RCON Port value being loaded from the wrong ini file (Engine.ini instead of Game.ini)
  • Made the detection of INI file sections case insensitive (apparently sometimes [URL] is present as [url])


Port numbers are now correct when starting the launcher. And as far as I’m aware, there is no such thing as case awareness in UE4 ini files.


Apologies for the 45-day personal necromancy, but I’m wondering whether you or @Toolguy got to the bottom of hosting and playing at the same time. :smiley:


Ok, so in term of functionalities, is now everything working as expected (except the occasional 100% CPU spike you reported) or did I miss/forgot something?

I’ve not had any new information on the topic: As far as my work here is concerned, it’s going to be pure maintenance and fixing the odd bug that you guys are finding (as long as it’s correctly described so I know what’s actually wrong :smiley: )


Within the limitations set by the launcher, yes it is :slight_smile:

Some method to check for outdated mods and automatically update them without manual intervention would be nice, but I doubt you’ll get the budget for that. Hehe.


Ok then, 1.0.17 is now the official recommended release

Some method to check for outdated mods and automatically update them without manual intervention would be nice, but I doubt you’ll get the budget for that. Hehe.

I don’t see a cheap and fast way to implement that, but if you can come up with an idea, why not :wink: