Conan Exiles Dedicated Server App (Latest Version: 1.0.28)


Great thanks a ton for your answers! Very detailed and make a lot of sense; is there anyway these Q&A’s can get a sticky for others to get a definitive answer? I did hours of searching and couldn’t find anything relatively close to your answers…

Also, sorry, one last question! Which port is the client connecting with when using Direct Connection? Steam Query Port if I’m correct?


Hey Toolguy I am trying to play and host on the same machine but don’t quite get this " (Similarly, if you want to run a game server and a game client on the same machine, they should be using different ports, if you keep the default ports 7777 and 2715 the first launched executable will lock the ports, and the other will not be able to access them)." what do I do? If someone could give me a explanation that would be great! Everything is green. I just want to host and play on the same machine.


Also, sorry, one last question! Which port is the client connecting with when using Direct Connection ? Steam Query Port if I’m correct?

I found the answer to this one… it’s the Game Client Port!


I was wondering that as well. Thanks for sharing


Also what’s the server ip?


It’s different for every server, it says your IP on the application at the top right.


Alright thanks and also can you help with this?


Are you playing alone? Or trying to host with friends?
ToolGuy has a great tutorial on the original post on this thread that explains everything you need to know about hosting a dedicated server.


Trying to play with friends. So I’m Hosting and playing on the same computer.


But I don’t get what it means to use different ports. Which other ports do I use? I can’t find toolguy’s explanation.


I fear I have bad news :frowning:

It used to be possible to run the client and the server on the same machine, by using the “-nosteam” parameter when launching the game server.

That had the unfortunate side effect of making the server not appear on the server browser, but direct connect was still possible.

I tried that earlier today (I actually added a “nosteam” checkbox and the parameters to the config file), but it looks like the feature got broken at some point… :expressionless: which means that at this point it’s not possible anymore.

I did try to bypass the issue using some of the sandboxing solutions (like Sandboxie), but it did not seem to help.

:bulb: If anyone around has a solution that still works as of today (August 2018), please share! :bulb:


Hi everyone , I want to know how to open the ports in my router. It’s arcadyan VR9517VAC22-A-OS-AM model

And also from my comodo firewall 10



I did not find anything for the VR9517VAC22 maybe it uses the same software as the VGV7519 which has plenty of tutorials. Could you check these?

And also from my comodo firewall 10

I guess you need to define a rule set for the server for the ports you forwarded, and allow them to reach both the DedicatedServerLauncher and ConanExiles game server.

The easiest is to start by configuring the firewall to allow the launcher to work (basically, until the “test ports” returns green instead of red), and when that works, do the same thing for the game server.

More information on these two pages:

Hopes that help, I’m not familiar with either of these products.

If you figure out the exact way to do that, I can update the first post with the setup for both your router model and firewall software.


First of all, thanks for creating a fantastic tool for launching my Conan server, everything worked first time and has worked like a dream since then, even the mod manager!

Secondly: Is there a way to automatically launch the server when the launcher is run?
So if for example there was a power failure, I can get windows to reboot and monitor if the launcher is still running and if not it will automatically run it, but, the Conan server will still be offline (I think…).

Maybe a “Launch Conan server when app starts” checkbox?

Or is there a way to make this happen already? :slight_smile: a “keep alive” functionality…


Cool, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

No there is not, but it’s a valid suggestion.
I guess there are two points there:

  • Making it so the Dedicated Server Launcher tool can automatically start when windows start
  • Having an option in the tool to automatically launch the server if it is not running

The two difficulties are:

  • If somebody is running 5 servers in 5 different folders, I do need to run all the right instances correctly
  • I need to make sure the server does not auto-start when the user of the tool want to edit/change settings (could probably be done by having the “launch server on start” checkbox gets disabled if the user voluntarily stops the server with the big button)

I need to think about it :slight_smile:


Let me start out with a thank you. You can tell your boss that the tool is definitely appreciated even by people who’ve setup and run a server without the launcher. :wink:

I’ll second the suggestion to have an automatic start of the server when the launcher is started and a start when windows starts option. It’s very helpful when to keep the server up when the person(s) with access to the server are unavailable or sleeping.

I used to use an autoit script posted here:
It’s less user friendly than the launcher and has a few disadvantages. It also has a few features that the launcher can’t offer (yet?), that might be worth a consideration (one of them being the auto-restart mentioned above).

Since I wrote some php scripts for database maintenance one of the things I’d love to see would be a way to automatically execute them at every server (re)start like that autoit script does (Execute External Script before starting server).

As for the backup, it would be nice if you could configure it to only keep the last X backups (or nothing older than the past X days) because with a quarter gig game.db daily backups do pile up quite a bit.


Or, when the tool starts, have a 10 second delay before the server auto launches, giving users the chance to cancel it? :slight_smile:


Let me start out with a thank you. You can tell your boss that the tool is definitely appreciated even by people who’ve setup and run a server without the launcher. :wink:

I’l make sure he knows about it :wink:

So, to summarize:

  • Auto-start with windows
  • Auto-restart the server if it’s not running (with possibility to cancel)
  • Limit the number of backups kept (rotation)
  • Ability to run some arbitrary scripts before starting the server (guess I could just do a shell execute, this way you could run a batch file, and executable, some python or whatever else you want)

For the auto-start with windows, could some of you try to add a registry key to see if that works:


If that works, then I could just add a small option in the menu with a check box “Start with window” that would create the registry key or remove it.

Just need to know if that works on everybody’s machines.


Works fine for me on Windows Server 2016 :+1: :slight_smile:


I suppose the starting of the launcher when windows starts is mostly just a little quality of life thing that’s probably not very difficult to add. A lot of similar tools have the option to just check mark whether you want them to start with windows or not. It certainly isn’t something that can’t be done by built-in Windows means too though.

Rather than allowing for the restart to be canceled, personally I’d prefer having this as a simple tick mark for that one too. Here’s my reasoning: if the restart happens unattended (which is the prime reason for having an automatic restart in the first place), you will most likely want it to happen ASAP. If you want to change some settings you’ll be on that machine and trigger the restart deliberately. It would be easy to uncheck a box to ensure it doesn’t restart when you do that. Either that or just make sure that when the user is triggering a shutdown (as opposed to the restart button), the server stays down until started again manually (or both of the above).
In that same vein might I suggest allowing to “queue” up changes for the next restart? So essentially allow changing the the settings while the server runs but only apply them at the next restart (whenever that may be)? That way I may not need the restart to be delayed half of the time because I could make the changes beforehand in anticipation of the next restart.

And about the the scripts - yes that’s exactly what I meant. The game installation already comes with a sqlite3.exe and some batch files that illustrate how that could work. So if you wanted you could call the CheckGameDB.bat each time the server restarts to perform a check on your database, implement your own backup system or zip the backup that the launcher creates. I can think of quite a few handy applications for this.

Also let me reiterate how much I appreciate that you’re doing this for us! I know this is not your priority, so I’m very happy that you still invest your precious time to… well even just reply here and take our suggestions under consideration. :slight_smile:

edit: Just tested the registery key and it seems to work fine, the launcher started itself automatically. Only issue with that is that on a Windows that requires a login at startup, the server won’t start unless you manually login first. Not sure if there’s a workaround for that, that doesn’t leave the server unprotected.