Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.0.41 / Beta: 1.0.42)

have you tried direct connect ingame?

I have. No luck

I’m running default ports and am able to connect game client to same physical machine as server
alternative method you may try is to virtualize server machine, if you’re on windows server/pro you its a simple matter of setting up hyper-v, otherwise (or if you prefer not to use hyper-v) you’ll need to use virtualbox or similar software

Sorry for the lack of answers, I was busy trying to not die from meltdown in sunny France :slight_smile:

I can ask the team.

When the server is hanging up, do you end up killing it manually?
If yes, before doing that, maybe you could open the task manager and create a memory dump of the game server process and put it somewhere where we can access it and look in the debugger what the server is waiting on (deadlock, mutex, etc…)

That’s doable, I’ll add that to my todo list.

In these situations I try to get back to the basics until I get this part working: If you don’t get the green light, the rest (multihome, changing ports, etc…)does not matter :slight_smile:

Regarding DHCP, there’s a number of routers that are not correctly doing the port forwarding on dynamically allocated IPs, so if I was you I would eliminate this problem once and for all by setting a fixed IP (associated to whatever mac address you are using for this machine), then only do the port forwarding for all the ports (both UDP and TCP).

When testing for green light, make sure you have nothing else running on your machine: No Steam, no game client, no other game server for other games that could be using the same port (and do that after a fresh start in case you would have ports locked for a long duration (you can diagnose that using NETSTAT from a command shell window or SysInterna’s TCP View - better close Skype, Chrome, Messenger, IRC, etc… else you will be drowned in a large see of ports).,

have you tried direct connect ingame?

If the port test does not show green, it means the port cannot be accessed from the outside, so direct connect will not work. Direct Connect only works when the server is correctly setup.


Welcome back from holidays!

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While my main PC was busy performing the ritual of upgrading Windows 10, rebooting, upgrading Visual Studio, rebooting, upgrading .NET framework, rebooting, … I used the second machine to do a quick change to add @Struan feature request (I already had all the code, it was just a matter of adding a checkbox, check for “Steam.exe”, ask it to close).

1.0.41 (30 July 2019)

The checkbox is on the top left:


Updated wiki to 1.0.41

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You should probably try on one of the more generic forum threads, this one is mostly for support and maintenance for people running their own PC servers, considering you wrote “PSN” I assume you are playing on PlayStation, which means nobody on this page could play with you (it’s for the PC version of the game).

Sorry :slight_smile:

Hey there,

As @Toolguy mentioned, please make your own thread or reply to someone else’s and be sure to read the FAQ and Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read :wink:

Hey Toolguy thanks for this awesome tool but i have a question, is it normal that the Server is spaming the Windows Event Viewer every second if not maybe you can help me why.

Operating system: Windows Server 2016
Event Viewer: http s://imgur. com/a/oY5gceM

Do you use any mods? Does the spamming starts immediately as soon as the server is started, or does that only happen after people log onto the server, etc… ?

hey, the spamming starts immediately as soon as the server is started with 1 mod (Pippi) installed.
I deactivate the mod now and it seems like the spamming has stopped it only shows some error logs in the event viewer.

Event Viewer: http s://imgur. com/a/bK8dTft

Update: When a player is on the server the spamming is starting again with no mod installed.
Event Viewer: http s://imgur. com/a/uye4xna

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HOLY COW CONAN! I feel very honored. For some reason I wasn’t getting forum updates, and didn’t pay enough attention to the little dot in the upper right corner of the web page. I didn’t want you to think I was not thankful and grateful. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!


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Does the feature works as expected?

PERFECTLY! Just tested. If anything wonky happens I will let you know. Again thank you so much. This allows me to keep running our family and friends Conan server on my Windows box, and play at the same time, even when I step away. No more hanging error messages because the steam client was open. Thanks again!

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Good :slight_smile:

Well, that’s the whole point of the tool: Originally it started as just a simple way of setting up a server, but since most people wanted to also automate all the boring things that forces you to keep an eye on the program instead of just enjoying the game, it made sense to implement that one as well.


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I had this working perfectly a few months ago, but then spent all day trying to get my tests to come back green instead of red. I was stumped, and had the same description as @ Zeetra, but I got it working!!

Turns out my IP had changed during a system reboot and I didn’t know to change it.

Could you provide a more specific and idiot-proof instruction on setting up a static IP? Its a solution id like, but I don’t understand at all.

Also: Thanks so much for this wonderful tool!! I’ve never set up a server before and this was a bit of effort, but totally doable initially. I can’t tell you how much of a life saver this has been for my little group of friends ^^.

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The problem is that the operations to do are very router dependent, and there are many, many, many different routers with different configuration methods, so it’s kind of hard to give a fool proof set of instructions.

Also the naming used differs, sometimes it’s called “static ip” but the normal name should be “dhcp reserved ip”.

At the core of the system is what we call DHCP which basically is a simple protocol designed to automatically give different IP addresses to everything on your network (because you can’t have two different things on the same address), so every time a new device appear, wired or on wifi, it gets an IP from the router and then only it can talk to the internet.

The DHCP is generally configured somewhere on the router configuration page, with a “base ip” which is the lower IP it will use, and eventually a range, and the router is allowed to give any of the addresses in this range, the lower addresses will not be automatically allocated by the system, so you can use them and say “” will be used by the Xbox, “” I keep for my Core i7 desktop, etc…

The trick is to be able to identify the Xbox and the Core i7 desktop so they get the IP you selected from them each time… and for that we generally use what we call the “hardware address” (often called MAC even if it’s not 100% correct), which is written on the network card in your device when it’s built.

The MAC address is supposedly unique (in practice they are sometimes reused on distant batches because they assume you don’t have 15 years old cards of the network), so it’s what we use to identify the machine.

To find the MAC address, you can either:

  • find a sticker on the network card or appliance
  • use whatever UI the device came with to see if they say anything about the network parameters
  • or the simplest: Just plug the device on the router, and when it’s connected with DHCP go on the router configuration page, list the devices, find which one seems to match what you just connected, and if you are lucky you should see the IP address and the MAC address associated to it.

Write down the MAC address, unplug the device, go to the “address reservation” (or “static ip”, or whatever else it’s called), and there add a new entry for the device, choosing an IP that is outside the DHCP range (normally the router should not allow that, but better safe than sorry), make it match the MAC address, and save the parameters.

Then you go to the port forwarding, and you make sure that the IP specified there is the one you just specified.

Can’t be more detailed than that unfortunately :slight_smile:

Last note: “Static IP” is often confusing because it’s what we call the EXTERNAL IP given to our routers by our internet service providers, which is important when you have a web server for example, because webserver with changing IPs are problematic. The thing is: As far as the ISP is concerned, they did the same thing to you than what you did for your xbox - your router is a DHCP client for your ISP, you are a subnetwork on their own network which is a subnetwork over somebody else network. It’s network all the way up there!

Using my PC to play, wife’s to host.
All the lights are green
If I search for the server on steam it pops up
I can direct connect, and connect through in game method.
People are having issues connecting, I’ve had success sending direct steam invites.
But they can’t connect, or find it on the game, or steam servers.
The logs are there, but I’ve got no clue what is or isn’t there.
In summary, using the direct ip connect/in-game server finder they can’t connect. And after asking to view it on steam servers it couldn’t be found by them. But I can do everything fine on my end.
Server IP: Port: 7777
Server name: Wakenbakelings Server

no doubt you can, it’s your subnetwork IP you’re using, people outside this network are not part of it and can’t join, even see you server/network, see Toolguy’s previous post