Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.3.8 / Beta: 1.4.5)

Minor fix to the 1.4.4 version, one of the testers found out that his server restarted properly 8 times, but as it happens, there was also a spurious restart caused by the clock (apparently) going temporarily backward for a second or so.

1.4.5 (29 april 2021)

If a few of you can test that this version works fine, and that the Zombie check behave as expected, please tell me, so I can promote it to new official version.

Regarding the ideal Zombie delay, it seems that on startup the game server (for this user) sometimes stops doing anything for up to about 1 minute and 38 seconds, so in his case I would suggest to not go under 2 minutes, but I guess it may depend on people’s mods, database size, etc… so I would be interested by the range of values you get on your own servers for this particular message in the launcher logs:

The Game Server is answering again after being Zombie for …

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Same problem here with window issue. It starts well, but with trying to move it gets smaller width cut the performance part on right. Strange why it gets smaller with any window change like move, but is ok on start.

Resolution: 2560x1440
Scaling activated

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@Kennbo @SailorSat I assume that in both cases, it’s machines with only one monitor?

I tried on my main machine that also has a 2560x1440 screen… plus a bunch of other screens, and I tried all the rescale parameters from 100 to 225%, but the truncation does not happen, possibly because I have more desktop screen estate. Can you confirm you only have one screen before I try to disable my other screens :slight_smile: ?

Yes, just one screen. Just tried to upload 2 pictures but I’m new user so cannot.

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Great job with the Zombie check Toolguy, this helped immensely!
Now if we could just break this old chestnut of mods not updating

The only solution I can think of, is to basically maintain a complete copy of the game data and mods on a separate folder, try to update that asynchronously on the side, eventually repeating again and again until it works, and on restart instead of calling SteamCMD, copy from the separate folder.

Regarding zombies, did you have that only trigger on exit (stuck restart), or did it also happen on normal runnings, with the server freezing while running?

How can I have the anti drilling system like the official server

You need to edit your ServerSettings.ini (you can access the location by clicking the blue icon with a folder and a gear on the left side of the log).

In this file, locate these two lines:


Here is what our documentation says:

The two following conditions need to be met at the same time for the undermesh killing system to trigger.


Determines how long you have to be detected as being undermesh being killed, given in seconds. This is also the parameter that is used to enable and disable the system. A setting of -1 will disable the system, 0 will immediately kill a player, postive numbers will allow the player to briefly undermesh without dying. On official servers this is set to zero.


This the distance squared at which you need to be from the first point where you got undermesh for the system to trigger, measured in unreal units aka centimeters. This is a measure to allow some more leniency towards players that sometimes spawn inside a big rock, so they can get out of it. The default is set to be 7 meters on official servers. Since unreal units are 1cm, the value becomes 700*700 = 490000.

Something to keep in mind, is that the undermesh system analyzes both the terrain and the meshes in the world, and some of the objects had to be manually flagged as “Ignored for Undermesh Detection” (that’s an option in the Unreal editor/devkit), because complicated meshes, or things like “single sided flags”, etc… could trigger false detection.

It’s not clear if all mods have been done with this in mind, so if you run a server with undermesh enabled, if a player happens to be interacting/be inside/under some incorrectly flagged element, they could get killed.

Good luck :slight_smile:


So I changed - 1 to 0, death has no official effect, it becomes random

I want the effect after the official version 2.4. Do I need to change the configuration

What I posted is all I know on the topic, sorry!

For details on how that actually work (or not), I would advise you to ask on either the Admin’s United Conan discord, or on the other forum threads related to gameplay features.

All right, thank you :heart:

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Thanks Andy, much appreciated :slight_smile:

If everybody is happy with the change, I’ll take the opportunity to re-arrange the top post, update the FAQ, etc…

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Hey having a weird issue with the server manager. For some reason every time I check the rcon box and enter a password the password erases when I restart the server and the box unchecks sometimes. I even tried entering the stuff into the file manually any ideas what the issue could be? Using the current release but I’ve updated a couple time and couldn’t get it to work.

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Were you changing these values with the server already running, or did you shut down the server first, then changed and saved the values, then started the server?

Running. Didn’t think to try that. I’ll try it at next restart and get back to you.

Probably a case of server rewriting the information before quitting, and actually overwriting whatever was modified :-/

That did the trick thanks for your help.