Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.4.6 / Beta: 1.5.1)

Hello Toolguy,

thank you for coming back to me.

I experience this with the Official version & the beta version of the launcher. But, as the lines are deleted by the server (if I understood right) & not the launcher, I guess this should make no difference.

I have a windows 10 pro system last build german and am not aware of doing fancy things - the exact build number I can tell in the evening when I am back home.

the launcher is installed on e:… (have to look at home for the exact path)

Have no antivirus except the windows tools

But after you validated my steps showing a different result, I guess I will set up a second windows system to cross check…

Will come back to you, after I have done.

Thank you for support!

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Hello Toolguy,

yesterday I set up a the server on a new windows 10 machine. What should I say…
It works as it should, meaning their must be indeed something weired with my main machine causing this behaviour to the server. Maybe I will look further to find out, but for the moment it works as it should. The more as I planned to put the server on a extra machine. So I set up 2 conan servers, one for each map. This works perfect!

Thank you for your patience and your support.

BTW, is it normal that you get a couple of errors about a few missing files in the log?
and what is strange, when you create a new char,the intro scene shows always a man with white hairs instead of the newly created char ?

Well, I’m glad it works as expected on the second machine, but I would be very interested to know if you manage to find what makes the other machine behave differently, because I’ve really no idea :slight_smile:

Even a vanilla-freshly installed Exiles unfortunately has quite a long list of warnings and errors in the logs, but for actual game issues like that, I have to refer you to the normal support team, or you could alternatively ask on the various Exiles related Discord channels like the “Conan Modding” and the “Admins United” one, where people generally know more about these things than I do.

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Thank you very much! Have a nice weekend. Should I find out what the problem was I will give feedback here.

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