Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.4.6 / Beta: 1.5.1)

Could a dedicated LAN Multiplayer Modus be an option ? Meaning (simplified) the connection would not go over the microsoft infrastructur thus no certificate is needed. The authorization is made the same way as singleplayer/coop.
This would work without the server browser. It would only need the direct connect option like on PC.

So we would have at least a true local multiplayer option for xbox/PS and no rules would be broken.

Well, that’s far beyond the context of the Dedicated Server Launcher, that’s something you would have to discuss on the normal Exiles forum, because I’m not part of the dev team.

Thank you! I did this already in similar form, but got no feedback from the admins/moderators.

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Thank you for letting me know. I could go off on a whole “How does Ark do it then?”, but I’m going to trust your position (It’s your team, so I’m sure you understand it MUCH better than I do).

Thank you for getting back to me!!

Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it cannot be done, just saying that with the way Exiles was structured at the start it was not possible to do that without major changes.

I’m not quit sure how Ark handle this, do you have some link/page that shows how that would be done on Ark, and specially, where is the game server fetched from?

Here is a link to the forum with an example
Ark Forum dedicated server

Simplified: Ark has the server built-in, It is received from the XBox Store. When you start ARC, you can choose to start it as dedicated server. You need an account with XBox live enabled of course.
There is also the possibility to run it on a Windows 10 PC. This is described in this Forum entry. Source is allways the MS Store.

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To build on that a bit more, I have an additional account on my PC that has Xbox Live Silver (the non-paid version). When I run the Game Pass app (which is terribly named “Xbox”), I can launch Ark. When Ark comes up, I have an option to start a dedicated server.

Then, once I jump on my XBox console, I can see that additional Silver account and it states that they are “Playing Ark”. I can go through the main Xbox menu to “Join Game” with that player and I appear in their server.

I tried launching the standalone server for Conan with the Game Pass app on the PC, but the silver account doesn’t claim that it’s playing Conan Exiles. I can then, if I wish, join that game from the silver account and at that point, it does show up on my Xbox that the silver account is “Playing Conan Exiles”, but the option to “Join Game” isn’t available.

It is interesting though that the Silver account is captivated by the menu when I look at it from the Xbox, and that may be why it can’t be joined. I have no idea if this discussion could lead to something, but I’m happy to try different things.

I think my point here is that at no time do I need to go to a Server Browser for Ark to find the server. I join the server by joining another account that’s already in. I’m fine if it DOES show up in the Server Browser and to be honest, I’ve never even tried to find the server I create in Ark in Ark’s Server Browser. I just know that for the Xbox experience (in Ark), it’s always about joining a player that’s already in.

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@Saphon @ZevLexx thanks for the details.

I fear that would require some big changes on Exiles to get that to work, but nice to know about it.

The Ark link indicate a typical problem though, which is that cross play requires identical versions, and in the current setup the PC and console versions are never up in sync, so to get a PC server to work for xbox, it would have to be from a separate source which is synced with the xbox client.

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Not sure about Saphon, but for me (and i guess many other) it would be enough to have the server mode for ce in xbox environment as described. It would require to include the server into conan exiles and let choose me on startup or in options. So no problem with versions here.

I am curious how it will develop in future, as from my feeling I think, we could have crossplay one day, the signs are not too bad for the future.

That’s unfortunately not in my hands.

I’m only maintaining the launcher, I’m not properly working on Conan Exiles, so what the future holds… I don’t know. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for your kind words & your great work on the launcher as well as your continuous support. And who knows…may be there are chances to bring up the one or else idea to the developer team.
Best regards!


Sorry. Im running the latest public version on 4 core xeon e5 2667 v2 3.3 4ghz turbo 32 gb of ram 120 gb ssd. Im actually having an issue now that once i boot my server the dedicated app just closes and disapears off of windows. It has just started happening. I closed it one day to try it and now its been doing that.

Just an update its an issue with the dedicated launcher it just is closing by itself causing the server to shut down randomly. I manually started the server but I dont know how to update the server and mods manually so i need the dedicated server up. Any idea what would cause it to close randomly?

Pretty sure this could be made. Im running a server NOT 24/7 in my own PC, but sometimes my ISP changes my IP while the server is offline.

Everytime that boot up the server I have to check if the IP is the same as the one shown in the message sent to discord through webhook.

Most of the time is the same, but would be nice to write something like “Server open! IP is now $external_ip” or something like that on the warning messages, just in case im not logged on the PC to check it, for example on weekend trips.

Dont know if this is already implemented, but would be an awesome feature!

Out of nowhere the dedicated server launcher it now closes itself out of nowhere. I tried uninstalling it and all the mods and files and that didnt help. It still does it without my db. Im trying the other version now to see if its any different. I have to manually start the server with the bat file. I dont know how to update it without the dedi launcher. Anyone can chime in an help pls. Thanks

The game dedicated server itself may close by itself (ie: “crash”), but the launcher is not supposed to close by itself, so there must be a problem: Could you check in DedicatedServerLauncher\Logs if there’s anything interesting inDedicatedServerLauncher(1.x.y).date time pid.txt ?

The ip change is already signaled on Discord, and what you are asking already exist as magic values you can put in messages: General Configuration: Messages