Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.5.8 / Beta: ----)

never had this open, never had issues with steam when hosting

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I just guessed, maybe its just a coincidence

I asked the wrong question, sorry about that! What I meant to ask; is there a way I can connect to my local server without having an internet connection to the rest of the world?

The reason I need this is because every time my internet drops due to weather; we get kicked from our local server which is a little tedious.

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I’m not actually sure, I need to ask the team.
Can you see any messages in the server and game logs that could hint at the reason why you are kicked?

So I asked the question, and apparently the initial requirement for a valid connection is to identify/authenticate the players.

The second issue, the fact you get kicked from the local server is something different, are you connected using the server browser or using direct connect with the local ip address of the server?

I have been direct connecting with the local IP address, without the port attached at the end for a few days. The problem persists regardless of direct connecting or server browser connection.

Regarding this, authenticating the player on the local server or as a connection to Funcom?

Quick edit: I will have to check the server log next time it happens to see if anything jumps out at me.

Is there a github or something with older versions of the launcher? This new launcher seems to have bricked a lot of things.

If you go on the very first post, there’s “Release History”, with every single version you can fetch from there.

This new launcher seems to have bricked a lot of things.

Do you have some details about what was “bricked” because of the launcher?

Is there a list of available launch parameters for the DSL?

There’s no official list because they were mostly for me when doing testing, no guarantee they can be used by anyone else, but for what’s worth there are 4 of them:

-basefolder which can be used to tell the DSL that the subfolder where stuff is saved is somewhere else (I use that in visual studio because I don’t want to download the game server inside my source code repository)

Ex: -basefolder D:\ConanDedicatedServerLauncher

-gamefolder which gives the name of the folder where the game is actually installed (the one that defaults to ConanExilesDedicatedServer inside the main folder), no idea if that works, not used in years.

-steamid and -steamidclient which can be used to override default 443030 and 440900 values used with SteamCMD to deploy the server and the mods, and which in theory could be used to deploy other games but they would have to use the exact file structure with the same stuff at the same place, so probably would not work.

The bottom line: You can use them, but that’s at your own risk, I’m not going to maintain or improve these because they are not part of the “public API” and don’t work well with other things, like the “auto start DSL on startup” does not know anything about the command line switches, and I’m not going to add some more complicated stuff to make it work :slight_smile:

Okay cool,

I was just looking at some UE4 launch options and wasn’t sure if any applied or were useful to the server.