Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.6.9 / Beta: 1.7.1)

Have you checked that the “Test Ports” gives you all green lights on all ports?

Yes. All ports are green.

I guess at this point I need to see the logs for the server, as well as your ini files, else it’s just going to be guess work.

You should consider joining the server admins discord, there are experienced people there who could probably also help and have ideas about that the problem could be: Admins United: Conan - Discord for Server Admins!

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New version for you (and that means that 1.1.2 is now the new official version), this time, no really new features, mostly quality of life improvements in the UI:

1.2.1 (10 september 2020)

  • Added a tabbed view allowing to visualize the server init files and steamcmd output in addition to the server log
  • Added support for CTRL-A and CTRL-C to the log output, should make it easier to copy-paste the content
    Dedicated Server Launcher 1.2.1

Here is what it looks like:

This time I really need you people to check if the SteamCMD log tab behaves correctly for everybody, including on less “mainstream” versions of Windows (or if you were using it on Wine if it still works), because to get the log I had to do some code abominations that would make H. P. Lovecraft start worshiping Cthulhu as a sane alternative…

The whole idea is to be able to track these weird cases when SteamCMD fails and the window closes too fast for you to notice, now at least (assuming that works) you’ll see the content in the tabbed log.

Regarding the ini files, they are “read only” views, but at some point I may authorize writing to them directly so you would not have to open a notepad to edit them.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Toolguy,
How the launcher will work with the new map of Conan Exiles ? Does we have to just choose the map in the INI file ?

Right now, the idea is to add the name of the map in “additional command line parameters”, that’s one of the changes from version 1.1.2:

  • Moved the “Additional Command line parameters” before all the other parameters (’-MULTIHOME’, ‘-useallavailablecores’, ‘-MaxPlayers’) to allow passing things like custom map names which apparently need to appear first in the list

I’m not quite sure if there’s an easy (generic) way to fetch the list of possible maps from the installed data?

Sorry because my English is not very good^^ But do you mean that we may have to add for exemple “Isle of Siptah” in Additional Command Line Parameter botom of the launcher ?

will I have to open another server for the new map …? or will the current map and the new map work in the same app at the same time …? it wasn’t clear to me

hello, is it possible to transfer the server from one PC to another without consequences ???

Yep the only thing to do is to copy the game database to the new one after installing the new server

Will it be possible to simply run both maps at the same time? We have a nice machine we host on, and honestly swapping back and forth sounds like a pain.

Just copy the entire directory structure to a new location on your computer change the ports on the new one and forward them in your router.

So many questions, it’s almost like if a big reveal event happened and people had unanswered questions!

So, let see:

Kind of :slight_smile:

I did not know the actual name of the map so I could not give more information, but I asked this morning about how to ACTUALLY doing it, and I got two suggestions:

  1. Add the information in the Engine.ini file:

  2. Add the information as the first command line parameter:

They are completely separate maps, and a server can only run one map at a time, so if you have only one server install you will have to run either Siptah or Exiled Lands, but you can totally run two server instances on same machine, each in their own folder and with their own launcher with their own parameters.

You can copy the entire folder, should work fine, but you can also just install a brand new server from scratch, and when it’s up and running, shut-it-down, and overwrite the .ini files and game database.

Just run two servers, one for each map.
The only requirement is that the machine is powerful enough to do that, and that they use different ports, so you’ll have to extend the port forwarding with a new set of port for each new server you add.

Hi @Toolguy,

I responded in Admins United: Conan discord to another users post about 1.2.1:

Reading your comments here it may be the SteamCMD log tab issue we’re seeing when it’s failing to run the SteamCMD.exe:

After clicking OK this error then occurs:

It then continues to loop until I’m forced to use End Task in Task Manager.

I’m running Windows 10 Home version 1909 build 18363.1082

Version 1.1.2 continues to work fine in the same folder.

I run 1.2.1 with 2 servers on one computer, no problem at all.

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I just noticed in the server path at the top that there are spaces in the folder “Conan Exiles”.
Just to test, could you try to deploy a server in a simple path like “C:\Test” or something like that?

Basically to capture the output of SteamCMD I had to do something horrible involving spawning a batch file from CMD.EXE, which itself launches Steam and then wait a bit, I may have been missing some double quoting here and there, if that’s the case, should be easy to fix.

Thanks :slight_smile:

After switching to the testlive branch on both the stable and beta versions of the launcher, it now causes my launcher to be unable to open and generates a .dmp file. The only way to get it working again is to delete everything and start over. In which case, after you shut it down, it will no longer work again. It only works one time. I have uploaded my dump files to google drive for easy access.

Thanks @Toolguy,

I saw the space in my folder/directory name but it didn’t tweak for me that it was the problem.

A simple edit of the folder name from “Conan Exiles” to “Conan_Exiles” fixed the issue. You were spot-on as usual.

TLDR for folder names; space = bad :sweat_smile:

Could you also share your server ini files (server, game, engine) as well as the matching DedicatedServerLauncher log files (they are in the /logs subfolder) ?

It’s a bug in my code, just that when you launch multiple processes, it gets difficult to properly gets everything quoited.

I’ll try to get that fixed, thanks for checking for me :slight_smile:

I have deleted the dedicated server folder since my last comment, but I will try again and will reply when I can.