Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.6.9 / Beta: 1.7.1)

Hello. Just started using this launcher and i’m loving it!

  • Just have a few questions.
  1. Is it possible to set up multiple restarts? I want one at 16:00 and at 23:00.
  2. Is it possible to make auto-messages in chat for discord and rule info?

Thanks in advance.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Just have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible to set up multiple restarts? I want one at 16:00 and at 23:00.

Not yet, but this has been requested already.
That will eventually be done, I just did not have the time (I prioritize bugs above features)

  1. Is it possible to make auto-messages in chat for discord and rule info?

The problem is mostly that the game does not support that at the moment: All the messages appear as blocking message boxes (like the Message of the Day), but assuming the game gets this feature added, and if it can probably be added.

How were you seeing this feature working exactly? A general message sent now and then, or some message sent to players individually when they connect?

Alright, thanks for answering my questions.

My generel idea was just that the messages got broadcasted in the chat once every 30 minutes or so.


start “” steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir “J:\conan exiles\DedicatedServerLauncher\ConanExilesDedicatedServer\Conan Exiles” +app_update 443030 +quit

Would that be acceptable?

That would make it so much easier to maintain a mod list with old or nonsteam mods and will be appreciated :slight_smile:

After the update today the server window crashes after 1 minute after i start it. I tried to upload the log file, but have no permission.

The team has gotten reports on that, there’s a thread about it:

they are currently investigating what the issue is.

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New version for you people to test:

Dedicated Server Launcher 1.0.21:

  • Player count is correctly reset on server restart
  • Disable the generation of the modlist.txt if the file is readonly and there are no mods in the mod list edit field
  • Added a “number of restarts per day” additional field

I assume that should be interesting to @phyire @Kron and @MidnightFC.

The multi-restart does not have a complete recurrence implementation, basically you just select the reference time, and the number of time it should be restarted modulo 24 hours, so if you select 00:00 and 1, it will restart every day at midnight, if you select 01:00 and 2, it will restart every day at 01:00 and 13:00 (1+24/2).

If you put 192, it will restart the server every 7.5 minutes.

No sanity-checks were done regarding the delay for the RCON messages, so if you put a restart every hour with a minimum up-time of 2 hours, it will never restart :slight_smile:

Hopefully everything is working fine, if there’s a problem, please try to be as accurate as possible in your report, and the app log can probably be useful :slight_smile:

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explain what i need to enter so that the server restarts at 19:30, 02:00 and 10:00?

Well, you can’t have these exact values :frowning:

Basically you have two parameters:

  • The reference hour for one of the restarts
  • The number of restarts per day

the other restart times are computed from the first one modulo 24 hours.

So let say you want three restarts per day, you need to write “3” in the dialog, which will give you a restart every 24/3 = 8 hours.

If your reference time is 02:00, it will restart at 02:00 then 8 hours later, so at 10:00, then 8 hours later, so 18:00.

If you absolutely want 19:30 as a restart time, then set this as the reference time, the server will then restart at 19:30 then 8 hours later at 03:30 (19:30+8-24) then another restart at 11:30.

I did not have the time to do something more advanced, I was helping with the effort in finding why people were having issues with mods crashing their servers, etc… I hope it’s good enough for now.

All clear. Thank you so much! I understand that the restarts are calculated for every 8 hours. Thank!

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Good :slight_smile:
Please, tell me if everything behave as expected (or not) so I can validate these set of changes are valid and promote the version to “current official”.

hey can anyone help out with getting this tool to find the server executable? im not sure what im doing wrong.
i had the server up and running fine for about a week then it crashed with one of the latest updates. after that, however, i cant get this tool to find the executable at all. ive updated everything, tried version 21. put this in that file, put that in this file, put both files in another file. you name it. i cant get this tool to find the executable anymore.
i must be missing something, what could it possibly be?

I was only interested in restarts. I want to face the mods, then I will say what is missing

Could you try something:

Make a new folder somewhere on your computer, and copy the DedicatedServerLauncher1021.exe inside it, then run it, and press the install/start button.

Does that work or does it also fail by not finding the server executable?

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well that worked and now i feel silly. now i have another server running. so now i can just copy the game.db file from the old “Saved” file into the new “Saved” file and we should be dandy right?

thanks for your help, tool is great too.

1.0.21 seem to work fine.

This is correct, make sure the game server is stopped when you do that, it generally does not like the db file to be changed while it’s using it.

thanks for your help, tool is great too.

Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Good, I’ll promote it to official version on Monday… and if we are lucky, we should have an experimental new version with support for -useallavailablecores as well as setting processor affinity (at least candidate version, I’ve no idea if that will require things like admin rights, the UI will maybe be hated by all of you :smiley:, etc… ).

Have a nice weekend people!

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Hello. I can not understand. How can I enable PVE-K mode on my server?

This question was asked last week, you can check my answer there:

Using version 1.0.21 too and it hasn’t given me any trouble so far. Then again, I haven’t had any need for multiple restarts, so I didn’t test that specific feature yet.
One thing I noticed is that, while I can change the password for the Rcon connection while the server runs and save the change but it will discard the change at next restart. I understand that this is a limitation of the server itself, but maybe there’s a chance for the tool to reassert all changes to the inis at the next restart (while the server is down) to make sure they actually stick? I know that this will probably require saving those changes in a different place to make sure the server doesn’t touch them, so you may not have an easy way to implement that.