Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.7.2 / Beta: 1.7.5)

It’s in the new version, 1.0.28 has not changed.

What you mean by ‘force installing old version’? If a server add a new mod it is installed automatic when restart.

It’s for development purpose: I need to be able to revert to an older version to make sure my tool detect new versions… when I’m all “up to date” it’s getting difficult to test.

Looking forward to that, any estimate when its ready to test?

What I could do, is to release a test version that does not do the restart, but has a “Check” button that allows you to check your mods toward the Steam Workshop releases.

That would be an easy way to start verifying if my check code is working as expected.

In my current test case, I have the following mods installed: 860241645,880454836,1382120864,1386650198,1422434062

Only Pipi was up to date, when I pressed my Check button I got that:


As you can see, Pippi was not flagged as out of date, and 1422434062 has a question mark on the WorkshopTime, which is confirmed by going to the Steam Workshop page:

That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.

After restarting the server, click Check again shows the following:


None of the mods are marked as “need update”, and the local version of 1422434062 has apparently been removed by SteamCMD.

Do you feel like testing the new version and signal any weird issue?

I could, I can run it on my testlive server that is only for me.

Ok, if you want to give a shot:

Dedicated Server Launcher 1.0.29

  • The MaxPlayers parameter is now passed on the command line, should help keep it sticky
  • First pass implementation of the mod update check

The “check” button is on the top, at the right of “Don’t auto-update Server and Mods” and the information is displayed on the Discord webhook (It’s temporary, but that was practical to test).

I don’t use discord so I didn’t see anything when press the check button.
Could you put the info in a logfile?

Just for the sake of testing, you can just put “http://test” (or whatever really) and check Enable in the Discord tab, then after clicking Check you will see the result in the server launcher logs:

C:\DedicatedServerLauncher\Logs\DedicatedServerLauncher(1.0.29).2019.03.12 19.55.39-0370.txt

[2019-03-12 19:58:44.527] [TID:15892] DATAERROR: DedicatedServerLauncher - SendDiscordWebhookMessage: Failed sending the message 'Checking the status of the installed mods:

#880454836 ("Pippi - User & Server Management - v2.1.11")
- WorkshopTime: 2019.01.18 03.59.00
- InstalledTime: (?)
' to the Discord Webhook URL 'http://test'

it’s just for testing that the time stamp parsing is working :slight_smile:

Yes that worked.
I assume that when you have finished it, it will automatic do the check in the background every ‘n’ minutes and if something is new, it will autostart the server for update.

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Installed v.1029 on my 2 servers, seems to work fine(at least the first 5 minutes…). Also tested the mods check to discord. No problems there…

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Cool, thanks to both of you for the check.

My plan is to:

  • Implement the delayed restart (was a request from @MidnightFC) option
  • Change the “Don’t auto-update Server and Mods” checkbox to a combo with three choices: “Don’t auto-update on restart / Auto-update on restart / Check for updates while running and then restart”
  • Add the check (guess I can do a check every 5 minutes)
  • First time a new mod is detected as “not up to date”, post a message in Discord and RCon saying that a mod need to be updated and that the server will restart for updates in “n” minutes (with “n” being the actual delay selected for the first warning message) - Except if we were already in the restart phase, in which case the message is not really necessary.

Does that sound like an acceptable plan?

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Sounds good to me.

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Sounds perfect! Looking forward to that version. :slight_smile:

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So, today I did a second iteration on the mod update feature.

Dedicated Server Launcher 1.0.30

  • Instead of the immediate restart button, could we get another one that starts the same countdown that regular restarts do (eg. 10, 5 and 2 minute warnings). (MidnightFC)
  • Second pass implementation of the mod update check

I have to admit that the code is becoming really messy… with timers and states and asynchronous checks all over the place.
Anyway, here is what it looks like:


At the top, the check box to disable SteamCMD has been replaced by a combo selector with three options:

  • Don’t run SteamCMD when starting the server
  • Run SteamCMD when starting the server
  • Run SteamCMD when starting the server and also check now and then if there are mods to updates in which case just restart
    when this third option is selected, the small time selector on the right is activated, and you can put a delay in minutes.
    The default value is 5 minutes, and you can’t go less than that because “bad things would happen” ™

At the bottom right, there is small new icon/button where “Restart” is located.

When you press this button, it turns “red” and if you look at the bottom, the “Restart in …” message is modified to indicated that the restart will happen very soon.
The actual delay is based on what you entered as values for the Warning Messages, picking up the longest delay as the restart delay.

If for some reason you decided that after all you don’t want to restart, just click the button again.

I implemented the mod restart by simulating a click on this button, so basically you can manually bypass a mod check by clicking on the hourglass icon.

Hopefully that works fine, but as usual I need your feedback: There are so many things that can go wrong, between the tool, windows updates, steam’s website, some random error in the ACF parser, etc…


It seems that checking is working ok. If there is an update to mods will it then display these messages to the server at these intervals before it restarts?

Does it check for new patches too?

It should, same thing if you click on the hourglass icon.

Does it check for new patches too?

For the server itself?
Not at the moment, but if you know of a way to check that, why not.

Yes. How is g-portal get the server patches, are they pushed out or something. When you log there it say that there are new updates and you restart the server to apply them.

Can’t go on vacation unless lol.

I’ve been working on the Server update detection today, I tried first to use steamcmd’s “+app_info_update 1 +app_info_print 443030” parameters, but I got some very unreliable results…

There is a Steam Web API that can do that, but it is limited to 200 queries per period of 5 minutes max (associated to an API key), so there’s a definite risk of going over the limit, which means that we would somewhat need to get our own server caching the information. (Obviously we (Funcom) know when we push a new version to Steam, but we have zero control on WHEN the version is actually available on Steam, so we can’t really use this information.)

If some of you have any experience in getting SteamCMD to reliably report the last change information for an application, please tell!

Brilliant work on this tool, @Toolguy.

Currently having a bit of an issue regarding VAC parameters. The game client does in fact claim that VAC protection is disabled, but when looking at the server stats through Steam itself it shows as the server has been loaded Secure.

I’ve been trying my best with my friend who runs the server on his own PC to get this VAC situation settled so I can play with him again, as this has been the only server I played on.


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@Toolguy Any reason why this tool would be able to disable VAC but I’d be showed that VAC is secure?

I’ve unfortunately no idea, I guess I could ask at work on Monday, but as far as I know, it’s just a default built-in feature of Unreal/Steam, not something we added.

Regarding my tool involvement in that, all I do is to transform the two checkboxes into entries in the ServerSettings.ini file:

  m_ServerSettingsIni.SetEntryBoolean("[ServerSettings]", "IsBattlEyeEnabled", m_BattlEyeEnabled);
  m_ServerSettingsIni.SetEntryBoolean("[ServerSettings]", "IsVACEnabled"     , m_ValveAntiCheatEnabled);

I guess based on your report, the server does correctly report if it’s VAC enabled, but for some reason the client does not? Where do you see that? Could it just be some UI issue, with VAC being enabled but not actually shown?