Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.7.2 / Beta: ----)

I did a quick test, passing the steam connect url with or without the password is working fine, I sent it to my discord chan, and clicking on it did open Exiles in Steam, eventually asking for the password before launching the game if I did not correctly add the /MyServerPassword to the URL.

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This is a great alternative, but it would be really nice to see that the game itself will accept the URLs so we don’t have to use this workaround. @Toolguy Was there any update on that?

  • should I just savagely quit and apply the updates?

Giving a 5 min warning would be nice

  • should I send some messages on RCon/Discord to warn, maybe even display the full list of what was found to update?

Using RCon/Discord to give a 5,2,1 min warning. Update list would be cool but probably not needed.

  • how do we handle the fact that maybe half of the mods are updated, will that crash the server on startup?

Mods are a gamble to begin with. If the interval search is optional it is on the admin that uses it and they should understand that updating to a new patch or a new version of a mod could cause server issues.

  • what if after having restarted the server, 3 minutes later a new update is available for another mod, should we just restart again?

It should depend on the interval the admin sets, but yes if there is a new mod patch found it probably should restart. The issue that I’m having running my server right now is that everyone has their steam set to auto update. That means at any point that a new patch for the game or mod is posted they updated and then they can’t log in.

It isn’t super optimal but the other option of having players contact the admin for them to manually reset also isn’t optimal. Its more like which one is more set it and forget it and which will lead to more player up time. I’d much rather have it auto update when needed than have planned restarts that may or may not fall during a mod update and then still have to manually updated 2 more times because I have three different players logging in at different times that can’t get on.

How does G-portal check if there are new mods? When you log into g-portal it say that there are updated for your mods.
But you must restart server for them to be applied.

A quick look at the game UI code suggests that it should be doable, now, I’m not in charge of the priorities, and there’s a limited number of coders that are working on a limited number of things at the same time, so I’ve no idea if/when it’s going to be fixed.

That being said, I’ve implemented the steam connect string thing, so if you get yourself a discourse channel for your players, they will just have to click on the link when your server is ready, and personally I think it’s actually better than having to go in the game, click on multiplayer, click on direct connect, enter the host and port, enter the password and click ok…

Why do all that when you can just click on a link and it all just works :smiley:

@Gilikoth and @stinger, I’ll see if I can get some work done on that (no promises).

On a side note, have our Russian and Chinese friends noticed that the fix for the unicode support in RCon is finally in the game?


From now on you should be able to use unicode characters (in the limit of the fonts supported by the game, obviously) for all your admin messages. (And for the ones who wonder what’s written, if Google Translate is correct, it means “Looks like it’s working”, hopefully it’s correct, I would hate to have written something dubious by error!)

EDIT: You probably should wait for the next version, it seems that using unicode in the ini files triggers the weird bug @Sonja was talking about. Going to fix that, was a stupid UCS16/UTF8 glitch in the ini file loader.

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These are great changes! Thanks for listening to us @Toolguy!

One quick note for the “Send” message, would you be able to add a way to change the /broadcast command to something else? One mod in particular (Pippi Admin) changes this command and replaces the in-game chat for everyone, so the /broadcast does not allow users to see the message.

The command they use is /server

Maybe there is something wrong with 1.0.27. When I close the small window to shutdown the server, nothing happen and it hang. After the name in the titlebar it say Not responding.
So I open task manager to end task.
When I start launcher again it don’t display on the screen but Task Manager say it is running but I don’t see it on the screen.
I have no problem with 1.0.26.

Could you send me the content of your Logs/DedicatedServerLauncher 1.0.27.txt log files?

When I start 1.0.27 it only show this:
[2019-03-08 17:55:18.175] [TID:11996] IMPORTANT: DedicatedServerLauncher - DedicatedServerLauncher Started

Have to use task manager to end task.
Starting 1.0.26 runs normally.

I can confirm there is a problem, it does happen on my home machine, but it does work fine on my work machine, not quite sure what happened there.

Going to dig a bit more…

@stinger Could you give a shot at that one?

Funny how a missing “++pos” can just make a file parser get stuck on a loop…

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This one is running good, thanks.

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Did I lost something ? What is the official version ?

The official version is still 1.0.25 because I need some people to test versions and tell me they are good for them before I mark them as official.

All the versions can be tested side by side in the same folder, so you can give a shot at 1.0.28, report your findings, and if it seems good to go, it will become the new official one.

1.0.28 has been pretty good so far. A few times it has cleared my warning messages, discord enable option and keeps resetting my player count to 30 but the other versions also have done this. No longer getting double cmd windows though!

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Could you give me a list of the warning messages you are using, or even better, your ini files, before and after they get cleared. That would be very helpful!

If somebody else can confirm that 1.0.28 is good to go, I will push it as the new official version :slight_smile:

It is fine with me.

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There you go!
1.0.28 is now the official version :slight_smile:

And a small sneakpeak of the new version:


It’s getting there.

Now I need to find an easy way to force installing old versions so I can check when updates are available, without having to build my own test mods…

(Saying that I extremely dislike having to parse HTML and acf files to extract information that is not encoded in computer readable format in order to compare them… would be an understatement!)

Is that in 1.0.28 or in a new version you are working on?

What you mean by ‘force installing old version’? If a server add a new mod it is installed automatic when restart.