Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.7.8 / Beta: 1.7.9)

So, we had a bunch of problems with the DSL not properly detecting the number of players, so I’m experimenting a new method where I track the “Join succeeded:” and “Player disconnected:” messages.

I could not have done that before 3.0 because the disconnect messages where not shown.

Thanks for Drachenfeles, Caroll and Luap for helping with the test of the feature.

1.6.3 (20 october 2022)

  • Server auto-restarting is now properly detected, a message is indicated in the log, and the title bar “process ID” updates properly. (see next post about 1.6.4)
  • Testing a new way to detect the number of players currently connected to the server
  • Added a list of currently connected players in the Players tab log
    Dedicated Server Launcher 1.6.3

Here is what that looks like:

Please inform me of any issue, ideally if you see a discrepancy, please take a screenshot of the Players view of the launcher, and put aside the matching server log so I can try to see what the problem was.

Let’s cross fingers!