Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.7.8 / Beta: 1.7.9)

They send those messages to the server and discord respectively when you click the restart or shutdown button. So you could enter “Manual server restart for a mod update.” in the first line and when you click on restart it will automatically send that line to the server (and discord if you have the webhook configured).

OK, but when you click the SEND button it send that text in there to the server and then you click Restart when the time you say in the message has past.

The point is - you won’t have to enter the message in the field next to the send button and and you won’t have to click the send button.
It will just send whatever message you put in the Shutdown/Restarted fields whenever you click on shutdown or restart. Basically you have the send and the shutdown/restart rolled into one button. This is meant for generic messages that you can always send when you shutdown the server. Like “Server shutting down now.” or “Server restart imminent.”

But the message in those boxes are useless. They don’t see those messages while online, it appear on the client screen after they are back at the main menu and after ‘The lost connection’ and *Host closed connection’ messages.

It’s what @MidnightFC pointed regarding the RCon part.

It’s still useful for people using Discord: If you are on discord, you see that the server was manually restarted or stopped, so you don’t have to worry if it’s your own internet connection that failed or some other random event.

These messages were already sent in the earlier versions, all I changed was the fact that now you can change the message to whatever you want (and yes, send it to Rcon as well, but I can remove that since that seems useless and confusing).

so, it seams that is working properly now… (sorry for the late answer!)
I really have no clue why the heck was turning everything into default every restart o.O

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Thanks for the feedback, your guess is probably as good as mine regarding what happened :slight_smile:

Can you save the message written in the ‘Send’ box, like you do in the other boxes?

That’s definitely doable.

Maybe I could save a list of the last 10 used messages, and have a combo to select them, so if there’s a bunch of message you often send, you don’t have to retype them?

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That would be cool.


Hey I posted a message a while back in Feedback and Bugs but I am not getting any response from the Dev team and was wondering if maybe you had some ideas or a solution for me?

My ISP has me set to a Dynamic IP Address and will not allow me to change it to Static, so everyone who uses direct connect has to obtain the new IP Address. I have a DNS setup with DuckDNS which I use to hand out the server address to my Minecraft server which works great, so that every time my External IP Address changes they can just use that link and won’t have any problems connecting. Unfortunately for Conan Exiles we can’t connect using a DNS URL, do you know of any alternatives I can use? Or maybe can you talk to the Dev team to allow users to connect via a DNS URL instead of the IP Address?

Odds are if it’s Windows you might be running a webserver already, if you’re willing to open an http port, you could load index.html and run a script (many available at GitHub) to display the IP in the browser. That way a user could get it on his pc web browser and then copypasta into the DC input. Or alternatively call it up on his phone and type it into the DC.

Would you believe me if I told you I was asked about your question by a support guy this very morning?
I gave him the name of the person to contact in the UI team who worked on this particular UI, to see if that was just something we could easily add or not.

Basically the question is to know if the underlying code already accepts host names or if only supports IPV4 format. If the background code supports host names, it’s just a matter of fixing the UI’s “filter”, else that would require some actual code change.

tldr, the message was not missed :slight_smile:

Wow what a coincidence haha

This is amazing news! I hope this implementation comes in soon!

Appreciate the response @Toolguy

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Ok, I found the problem that caused that my settings went to default.
— All the time I add the Discord bot, when I restart the server it will go to default.

@Maldred: You can also use an alternative server tool like NullSoldiers serverthrall (it´s open source, google for it, you can get it from github). That server tool provides an API that sends your server data to a webpage (thrallbrowser dot com). If your IP is changed, the API is sending the new IP too. From the page you have the possibility to direct access your game server by clicking the provided steam-link.
I had the same issue like you, and this solution works for me fine. The only little problem I have, is that the server update functionally of that tool is not perfect. If an update fails, the server stays in invalid state and doesn´t try to reinstall or continue the update. You have then to run update manually.

Is there a way to set the server to auto restart when there are game or mod patches?

You can only do it at a set time

Maybe @Toolguy can figure out a method to implement this feature?

That would really cool if he did. How are others dealing with mods not letting players get on because of an updated version? Currently I have them reach out to me and I run home and reset the server but it’s far from optimal lol

Not at the moment, but this has been one of the most requested features.
It’s unfortunately not trivial to implement, I tried to do it on the side but I think I’m going to ask if I can do it officially as a part of our next development sprint because it’s not something that can be done in just a couple of hours.

What would help is if some of you could describe me what would be the ideal process so the whole thing work smoothly.

Let say I manage to detect in the background that there is a new version of the server and/or mods…

  • should I just savagely quit and apply the updates?
  • should I send some messages on RCon/Discord to warn, maybe even display the full list of what was found to update?
  • how do we handle the fact that maybe half of the mods are updated, will that crash the server on startup?
  • what if after having restarted the server, 3 minutes later a new update is available for another mod, should we just restart again?

For what I see, all this web page does is to generate a steam://connect/aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd:27015 URL that you can click on.

Does any of you know if Discord accepts these links?

If yes, then maybe a simple solution would be to have the “Server Ready” message sent to discord to just add the steam connect URL with the current IP of the server, so people on the Discord chat could just click on the link?