Conan Exiles Dedicated Server

The Fallen Ones /AoC/7X/lvl300
Welcome to the Fallen Ones. We are a relaxed PVE server poPreformatted textpulated with a lot experienced, helpful, and creative builders. The admins are constantly looking for new ways to spice up the content that is provided on the server. For example: Quest lines to make obtaining the AoC magic a little easier, we have a player market where players can put up thespians and sell stuff and MUCH More. We would love to have any and all join.
Server provider is through Host Havoc. We have a dedicated server with 64gb of RAM so plenty of resources to expand our exiled lands.
Current Mod list as of (27.05.2020)
Pippi – User & Server Management
Arena Pier
Better Thralls
Crafty Counters – This mod provides us with counters for almost all the stations that are used either Mod and or Base Game. It makes station organization and neatness much easier.
Dark Age Buildings Reforged Split
Immerse RP:Builings & Placeables Décor
Stone Statues
Shadows of Skelos & Shadows of Skelos Extended
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Stacksize Plus
Glass Constructions and More
Kerozards Paragon Leveling – A mulitgun refresh
Heroes Law
Unlock Plus (with pickup)
Improved Quality of Life
Lemurian Architect
Vallenheim – Dungeon Mod
Ruins of Acheron – Dungeon Mod
Outpost Removal – EEWA
Building Shortcut Bar – This mod allows you to have up to 4 additional hot bars to be able to have multiple layouts whether it be one hot bar for weapons, one for building, one for decorations. The combinations are endless.
We also have a discord channel that you can come into voice chat and hang out and be goofy with us or talk via in-game chat