Conan Exiles Dev Kit won’t launch because of ShaderCompileWorker.exe

Hey guys, I have been stuck on this issue for a long time.

Basically, when I open editor, the splash screen will get stuck at 72% forever, while 5 ShaderCompileWorker.exe instances take all 100% of CPU resource, until I end the UE4editor.exe process when my patience runs out.

How to fix it?

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You aren’t waiting long enough. What are your PC specs?

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My specs is: QuadCore Intel Core i7-4770, 3900 MHz 8130 МБ (DDR3 SDRAM) NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 (4 ГБ) HDD 2 TB.

In 2017 or 2018 i use Dev Kit without this issue. But now my computer go to overheating at 72% when starting 5 instances of ShaderCompileWorker.exe.

Because the dev kit is significantly larger then it was 4 years ago. Either wait longer, or do a new computer build with modern hardware.

And your PC overheating is a PC problem. Not a dev kit problem.


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