Conan Exiles Elmyria RP PVE & PVP

꧁𓊈Saga of Elmyria & The Black Coast𓊉꧂

Our server is a PVE-C/PVP/ RP server with custom lore based off of the series written by Robert E. Howard.

We strive to make a living, breathing unique sandbox RP world for you to bring your characters to life. From minor quests to huge server story arch’s we are constantly striving to improve and create. But the real story of Elmyria & The Black Coast belongs to you - our players.

We offer character Classes & Profession that that can give you in-game and RP benefits.
Earn bronze with your profession, so that you can purchase in game items from the Capital, or perhaps start your own shop within the capital.

You can also use your bronze to travel to The Black Coast (Our siptah map) maybe to uncover the secrets of The Pirate Queen, or perhaps just buy items from the oversea exchange.

For clans we have created a unique settlement system that allows you to rise from a simple hamlet, to a fearsome Kingdom, but if conquering is not your goal then we have many other options for your settlement to grow, from bustling trade ports and mercenary guilds or even fearsome bounty hunters who get paid handsomely to track down and kill those who violate the laws of the land.

We have a war system that goes beyond the normal raid and repeat cycle most are used to, we offer open battlefields and sieges where the story comes first, then the blood and glory for those involved.

And let’s not forget about the Arena! Do you have what it takes to become the champion of the realm?

These are but a few options we offer and we are always striving to improve and create so that our players can come together and mold a legendary story for the ages!

Below our some of our server settings, thank you for reading this and we hope to see you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

𓊈Further Info𓊉.
Server Type: xBOX / 18+ RP PVE-C / Classes / Professions / Player Economy / Low fantasy / Text-based / EU location

Our Platform: XBOX
Age: 18+
Keep on death: Yes, except during wars.
Map: Exiles & Siptah
Password protected
Low fantasy: Humans & Some supernatural races.
Player/Character registration is required
Bodies do stay in world.

What we offer:
– A player-driven narrative and economy.
– A custom-built character class system that drives player to become almost anything!
– A small but friendly community

𓊈Rise To Kingdom!𓊉
Building Progression (Hamlet, village, town, city etc)

We allow guild halls, holy lands harbours, and ports (and more)

𓊈Events & Quests𓊉
Weekly Gladiator Event - Coming soon!
Profession and Class specific quests
Mysteries to solve!
Interactive RP quests that are done in game and text

𓊈Classes and Professions𓊉
Build-a-class system, with 6 main classes with sub-classes.

This will allow you to build a unique class for your character!

15 Different professions to choose from!

Character Sheets for your character!

𓊈Trade & Economy𓊉
Digital economy, to make things easier for players.
Player trade system - players are encouraged to hire / purchase items from other players or even set up trade routes.
Admin shop & Admin Repair shop!
Nomad market
Purchasable stalls at the capital, so you can run a shop. With a channel in the discord for your shop.

Rules at a glance:

No offline raiding
Open world PVP with initiation of a hostile interaction
Red zones, these are considered KOS area where no interactions are needed.
No meta/-power gaming
No PVP builds - immersive RP builds only.
ERP is to be kept private message. You’re allowed to allude to the act but no graphic details, no detailed heavy petting etc.
We will not tolerate trolling, griefing, harassment of any kind (this includes and not limited to racism, slurs of any kind, derogatory remarks, sexual, or verbal harassment in discord or in game.
Building limits in place to help keep the lag down and to prevent players from building outside of their needs.

Detailed ruleset can be found on the server discord

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great RP server, well administered and FAIR above all!!

Is there a new discord link? I tried the one listed and it says that its expired.

yes i just updated it!!!

Sorry it took so long for me to reply! For some reason the notification went to my spam box.