Conan Exiles Events and more

Hello, sorry if there will be some error in the following message, I don’t speak english.
I would like (as many other people) to have many other objectives once I reach lvl 60, weekly quests (example: obtain 50 power fragments, hearts or heads), with some cool reward would be nice, like a new placeable (something like a Frost Giant head trophy), a unique weapon (like a crossbow or very primitive gun) or armor (like a winged helmet)
I already read this many times but i don’t see why don’t add a “back” slot for capes, they would add a lot of new features.
It would be cool to me if the game followed the real life seasons for a more immersive survival expirience, and some event connected to this, like when it’s summer there’s a few new powerful seasons bosses around the world dropping armors and weapons good for that and another season.
More dungeons would be great for sure, maybe every religion should have a unique hard dungeon dedicated after you reach your maximum level to earn some powerful (not Op) Epic stuff that you have to choose between 2, like a frost armor set or a frost weapon set for Ymir.
I think that we should be able to add/change some weapon/armor bonuses (with a lot of cost of course) like: the Cimmerian set gives vitality, I think it would be cool if I could learn to remove some vitality to add strenght, and even learn to add a bonus without canceling the other one later.
I hope that these ideas can push some other better ideas… or worst.
This game has a lot of potential imo and I hope it will get better more and more.

In regards to the events, they did one for Halloween once, it did not go well for multiple reasons, so my guess is that they’ll be trying to have as much ironed out as possible before attempting another seasonal event.


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