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The internet is a big place and there are many places and ways for everyone to interact.
These forums, however, are our home. Our goal is to have this Forum, and Community, be a welcoming, engaging, creative, and interesting place to be.

The team here at Funcom responsible for Conan Exiles shares your passion for the game, and we know that with this passion, and the work and commitment many of you put into the game, conversations can get heated. That is the reason we have these guidelines, to ensure community members can feel safe and welcome, every time you pass over our digital threshold.

In order to maintain the boards and be able to provide feedback, we must reserve the right to enforce certain standards and rules. By using these forums you agree to follow these guidelines in order to maintain a healthy community.

Thank you for reading!


The golden rule is that this should be a positive place for discussion.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.


We welcome open discussion and divergent viewpoints. We simply ask that you keep your contributions level-headed and without vitriol. If you need to get heated about something, get heated about an idea, not a person. If someone insults another or makes an offensive statement about a group of people, do not respond in kind; just report the post.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Bullying and Personal Insults
  • “■■■■ you”
  • “You’re an idiot/moron/[insert directed insult here]”
  • “You obviously don’t speak English/lack reading comprehension/[insert personal attack here]”

Developer Bashing

Let’s be honest, we are human beings, we are not perfect but we care about the game and we work hard to improve on all aspects. Insults are not tolerated and will get cleaned up. Constructive feedback is always welcome and is very important for us to work on the game in co-operation with our community.


  • Insult:
    • “The thrall system sucks. Fix this ■■■■ or fire your programmers.”
  • Constructive Feedback:
    • I really don’t like how thralls react to enemies. I would love for the system to work as follows [enter idea]
  • Non-constructive feedback/insult:
    • “Nothing works. Your game sucks!”
  • Constructive Feedback:


Your posts should include content relevant to the gameplay, story, and world of Conan Exiles and be relevant to the category it is posted in. Feel free to speak about lore, characters, and features.

Topics and replies with vague or no context, or lacking information, will be removed because there is nothing to discuss. This includes bumping a thread for the sake of bumping it, especially if a topic has gone quiet. There’s a reason it went quiet.

Posts made with the sole purpose of upsetting or angering other users are not allowed. All posts have to be made in the spirit of mutual respect.

Examples of posts that break the Content Rule include, but are not limited to:

  • Rage/Rant Posts
  • Naming and Shaming
  • “I quit” posts
  • Misleading topic titles
  • Spam

Additionally, please do not post any content on the forums containing the following:

  • Inappropriate or offensive content, warez or leaked content or anything else not safe for work
  • Cracks
  • Key generators
  • Console emulators
  • Cheating, hacking, game exploits
  • Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke
  • Soliciting, begging, auctioning, raffling, selling, advertising, referrals
  • Racism, discrimination
  • Abusive language, including swearing
  • Illicit drugs
  • Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads

We will delete/edit it, and there will be consequences as per our warnings


Trolling is posting to provoke others, luring them to flame or rant. Trolling is sometimes done involuntarily, so please be considerate when posting. Trolls hinder discussion and reflect poorly on this community as a whole; don’t feed them. “Trolling" means that the user misleads or antagonizes others or acts overtly contrarian.

Examples include, but are not limited to, baiting comments; comments intended to get a rise out another user, harassing users through private messages.


Posting of Illegal material, personal information (i.e. “doxxing”), spam threads, and malicious links are prohibited.

Don’t harass anyone, threaten anybody with real-life violence or other actions, encourage sexual misconduct, nor organize a brigade on users or communities.

Personal attacks on race, orientation, and other personal beliefs will not be tolerated and will be taken action against at the discretion of the moderators.

All such posts will be removed and will result in an infraction.


Do not describe how an exploit works or can be abused. NEVER explain how to perform an exploit publicly.

An exploit is a bug that grants a user an unnatural or an unintended benefit in the game for a character. Meaning, it’s a bug or design error that makes it possible for characters to fight monsters, solve quests, earn money, get items, etc. that normally should be out of that character’s reach or not possible in the first place. Basically, exploiting can be described as cheating.

There is a mentality that suggests publicly exposing exploits somehow results in getting it fixed faster. Not only is this false, but you are actively causing harm to the game and community by making what could have been a relatively small issue into a problem for everyone.

Posts doing so will be removed on sight and the poster may have action taken against them both on the forum and in-game (where applicable).

Exploits and an explanation of how to reproduce the issue should be sent directly to staff or moderators, as indicated in our Terms of Conduct for the Official Servers:


An accusation against another person’s or organization’s integrity, business practices, etc. is only allowed if the accuser has sufficient evidence. This is to prevent doomsaying, panic, and misinformation.

Any submission or comment that lacks sufficient accusation evidence will be locked or removed with zero tolerance.

Do not engage in “vigilante justice” nor encourage members of the community to do the same. Please do not “name and shame” other users; DM staff if you have an issue with another user or player in the community.


  • “Don’t play on this server, the owners are corrupt and stole my money”
  • “This guy scammed me, don’t trade with him”
  • “Let’s make a list of scammers”
  • “Funcom is selling hacks to Russians”


There is zero tolerance for inappropriate, aggressive, or hostile complaints posted on the Forums. If you have a complaint about how your behavior on the forums has been moderated, send the Moderator or Staff Member a private message. They will do what they can to sort out any issues.


Failure to follow our guidelines can result in an infraction being issued and forum account restrictions if necessary.


We reserve the right to modify these guidelines in any way we deem necessary and at any moment. As a forum user, you’re responsible for having read and accepted these rules, as ignorance of them will not exempt your account from receiving disciplinary action, ranging from temporary to permanent suspension.

How to Report someone for walling my base in a damn PvE Official server where they think they own it and threaten the new players
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Argentines are liars, the truth about the wall, the obelisks and Asagard on the server 1975, Attention to injustices Funcom
Twitcher playing without nighttime on official Server #1100 (Cheat?)
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The players use it so much that I'm already in doubt if it really is bug!
I am being harassed
Loot bag moving bug
Brimstone being denied to server by springs landclaim
Are we allowed to quote Mods and guidelines?
Players use textures for fraud
Server 1200 crash
All crafting station from modded content borked .... all CTD!
Truncheon glitch/exploit
Massive FPS drops
Server restart kills a fighter
PS4 Anniversary Patch (08.05.2019) - Sunken City, Capitals revamp, Witch Doctor fear and more!
[UPDATE 2] PSA: Removal of illegal structures and Avatar Summoning re-enabled in upcoming patch
Illegal building constructions and Avatar Summoning re-enabled - Feedback and questions thread
People Building Right next to my base and harassing me
Real easy dupe fix
Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.3.8 / Beta: 1.4.5)
PVP Server 1200 - Russian Cheaters exploits
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What do you want out of the next DLC?
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Got our walls glitched through two days in a row. Why is this even a thing?
A Suggestion For The Forum Itself
Next Test live update?
Please suspend Emotes till fix
Exploiter Bounty Hunters and Rewards
Issue with an emerging clan glitching through walls on official server 1125
Conan is broke.... again
Broken game, refund wanted
3216 EU server crashed everyday
Undermesh Exploit with Proof
Serious Bug/Glitch - off raid hours raiding, tier 3 being anihilated by thralls
Den Boss drops nothing?
A faster way to report bugs that are ruining the game?!?and getting them fixed faster?!?
Has Funcom Support Really Helped Anyone?
The best trhall
I know it would probably take some coding magic, but
Please help me there are a lot of Undermesh buildings on server 1212
Does Funcom Have QA Testers?
I need your help because nobody writes me back to funcom!
Conan trumps ISIL
Lets fix these 5 glitches/Exploits
1399 Server bug house! Look at the producer
Official server #1035 PVE-C walled-in everywhere
Glitch bases server 1111
About submitting griefing reports
Cheating is out of hand
I swear i delete this game if after 4 month you dont fix 40+ accuracy heavy bow dmg in next patch
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Invisible hack NEW lvl of hack all on video check
Invisible hack NEW lvl of hack all on video check
Killed and looted by an invisible (or undermeshed) player while my character is inside an intact base. Video with captions is provided as proof
Killed and looted by an invisible (or undermeshed) player while my character is inside an intact base. Video with captions is provided as proof
No isle of siptah in ps4 thank god
Moderator closing and unlisting threads without a word of explanation?
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Official ps4 #3227
Latin america #1995 server dont log
1963 finally destroyed by dirty cheating scum that funcom have not been able to slow down or stop
PC Hotfix (02.10.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.5: General and glowing goops fixes!
Well done Funcom & the Conan Staff! Hackers Finally killed the last Popular Official Oce server
Server #1094 PvP, Undermesh buildings and looting
Mountain Glitch. Building inside Mountain
Possible hackers or exploiters official server 1804
Hackers in Official Server #1804
Need advise how to deal with Griefer / jealous competitor
Please help ...funcom plese fix undemesh
Nececito ayuda en el servidor 4504 un jugador usa un bug dentro del mapa en un puente tiene su base ahí
Buildings in textures on Official server #1094 PvP
Not happy with funcom
Ignore undermash on Official server #1094 PvP
Official latam server 4504 glitch exploit
Anti-game server clan 1979
Funcom ... why is it that your game support stinks so bad? (read inside, a true story)
#1326 Lag Bug HELP me
Guy hacking on xbox official
THis sucks, I want to be hyped about announcement
I had to downgrade my review of Conan Exiles on steam
A clan is covering Shattered Springs/Brimstone Lake
The tragedy of Chinese players and developers
Funcom, are u kidding players?
Hey. help at 1320
Hey. God appeared on our server 1320
Since they moved my post..Sorry, a live build is NOT "Fanwork"
Problema de undermesh y clan abusivo
Undermeshing Tyros Passage Pillar
I choose to give up。Good-bye, Conan
Official server #1590 pvp brimstone completelyblocked
Brimstone lake completely well spammed needs devwipe asap!
Clan undermesh 3131
1090 PVE Server
Bugs still here from beta
Glitcher Base found on Server 1100 PVP , Offi MAP COORD N9
How do you Report Hackers Now
Xbox Patch (30.01.2020) - January Patch: General, Exploit, UI, NPC and more fixes
Funcom can you please fix finaly server 1101 official pvp (and remove cheaters)
Is blocking obelix against games rules?
Offi Server 3077 Glitch Base The Purge
Ps4 official server #4502 pvp - g-portal us
Server 1321 DDOS
Speed hackers official server 1322
Texture abusers on server #1212
Hacker on Server 1101
Offical Server 1650 Cheating
Glitched base 1055# official PVP
Funcom, you need to get it together.....this cheating is unreal
Clan walling off dungeons and obs on PS4 3546
Spammers on 1033
1931 Cheaters and Soawn blockers
Cheating on officiel 1077
Clan raids through walls
Vanity mirror what is this!
Silk production on Armorers Bench
Report the hack player
Company Funcom not enforcing Terms of Services on PlayStation official servers
Official server #1149
"Keep it constructive and civilized" but yet you keep insulting us
Undermesh base 3148
Cheats users reported
Glitch se podrá arreglar?
Need help with clan living in the mesh
Why ? Can a Admin help us normal ones Please, Login and delete bases with command and banish the players
How to report cheaters?
Meet Henry Ramsevik, Junior Environment Artist - and more footage of the new office!
We got raid by mesher
Funcom when will you fix this?
This is how this game is dying
We have a glitchers trouble in 1124 PC official server! please FUNCOM help us!
Hello team, can a Admin please come in #1124 for Short and take a look for the Glitchers at 9C inside the Seawatch tower
Blocage des ressources souffre
Why do clans spam landlock for no reason
We have a glitchers trouble in 1124 PC official server! please FUNCOM help
Douche bag clan on 1518 driving everyone out
Official Server Exploited / Hacker
CHEATING PLAYER, flying through sky, teleporting through walls
Undermesh base cheater on ps4 officiel server # 3178
This hause is legal ? server 1979 M17
House Bug """M17"""" CLan infrater ... 1979
Where are you? No communication
Blocking off farming areas?
Will game be fair this time?
48 hours on funcom forums for CE my P.O.V
Where are you? No communication
PS4 3148 undermap and obelisk blocking
Ddos server attack 1999 and 1979
Rompiendo respawn de la zona del azufre
Inappropriate names
F'com fix your damn server 6103: Admin pass stealing or hack
Under mesh base found
Polluting player
Speed Hackers on Official servers-Code injection back?
Official server #1092.Report that players use illegal plug-ins and build houses in game vulnerabilities。
Official Server 1092 Speedhack/ddos
Server 1124 - Undermesh And Lag Problems
Base built in Black Keep Dungeon
Brimstone lake is blocked in server #4513
ARROW damage exploit
You don't like veterans?
Work with steam to catch cheaters
Server 3212 ps4 people go undermesh
Who do i talk to about a refund
There is exploit in the game and community mods are doing nothing to help
Official server 1095
Exploit bug black keep (dungeon) 3128
Hacking in sever
How to change text colour and size in general chat
Texture Abuse Official Server 2111
Official server 1095 with hacker / Vid proof
Building in the black keep
[PC Server] - Pyre’s of the North - Vanilla PVP Server admins are abusing
New Bug: Lost Connection / Green Screen
Cheaters Deluxe #Official1055
Server lag is at the worst it been since preview!
Built in black keep exploit by clan in 3877
DraconicReckoning server WARNING
An old Exploit is back: many walls in one square
1311 Official server undermash bases
LATAM #4505 glich specialized clan
1300 official server, problem with player
Dear admins, what can we as players do against cheaters?
Server 2118 is going to die
First Person Combat does not show Shield Block
Official PvP server undermeshes
People build in the mesh
Chinese cheaters on the European server 1306
Undermesh base Official Xbox PVP #2510
Undermesh bases at pvp official server 1126 europe
REPORT: Undermesh base on Official server 1116 (PvP)
Undermesh glitch base
PS4 Server #3114 Europe Arrow Glitch abuse and closing up Brimstonesea!
Xbox Patch (09.04.2020) - Vivox, Hannuman's Grotto and dashboarding fixes!
Server 3114 Silent legion base problem
Xbox Server 2809
Chinese speedhackers right now on official 1116! (HUGO & IGNASIS PLEASE)
Server-Wide brimstone blocked - all out war
EXPLOIT Undermesh bases in 3124 official
Clanes en Undermap
Players using undermesh bases
3125 pvp clan is booking obelisk
Dont come on the 1141
Can be posible?
Official server 3805 black keep dungeon blocked
Glitch oficial Server 4504
How to report dupers/exploiters?
Just remove chairs PvP?
Conan Exiles is becoming a joke in game community
Lag Switchers on 3612 PS4
New Anti-mesh system won't include Siptah. What is the plan until it does?
Cuestión de del uso de undermap
Player threatens with report
Never be raided anymore on PVP servers (100% legal exploit)!
Undermeshed bases report?
Toxic clan reported a week ago and Funcom hasn’t done anything about it
What happens if someone close an important area with constructions?
Server 1529 under DDOS attack
Alphas bypassing the raid times
Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.3.8 / Beta: 1.4.5)
Undermesh / Destroy building during non pvp hours
Conan Exiles is becoming a joke in game community
FOV not changeable on console........WHY?
PS4 Conan Exiles Default Settings Bugs - please fix
Experiencia de Juego
Hate speech on official servers
Whitelisting a player shows Unknown in the list
Lost a customer with this Update
Minha conta do conan foi invadida através de uma vúlnerabilidade do jogo, não tendo que passar pela minha conta steam
Funcom/Conan IT, What is Wrong With You People?
::FUNCOM:: Real Suggestions for patches 'n' Balancing
Instruction exception
Elevators are Cactus
Falling animation on several objects and interaction not possible anymore
Super sword bastard
Testlive Patch (22.05.2020) - Followers re-balancing, Avatar fixes and more!
[POLL] The Nemedian and the Godbreaker Boots no longer heal weapons on testlive
Gods are returning without important details
This Game Fails in Every Way
What finally made me leave CE ...and sad
Crafting thralls no longer reduce material cost
Anti mesh system does NOT work!
Does the anti mesh feature work?
11/5000 constructions
[PC] About malicious player's of official PVE server
Structures outside the Maelstrom and then connecting it with a 1x1 into the Maelstrom spawns 3 skull bosses
Connectivity Issues, June 11th
Total failure of dev team and management
De bajo del mapa
Topic players on this server i play on
Cheating on conan exiles
Cheaters and funcom does nothing! WHY should we pay for Content anymore?
Cheaters and funcom does nothing! WHY should we pay for Content anymore?
Hope you wont jump on this BLM train
PC Update (16.06.2020) - Update 41: Followers re-balancing, Avatar fixes and more!
1516 is down... Crashes coming unpredictably now. Downtimes are inconsistent
Is that possible to ban those people that ruining other player game experience in official server?
So my post got closed about a refund? Why?
Funcom LEAVE the game alone
So, it's official. Tencent owns Funcom now
Xbox Patch (24.09.2020) - Memory optimizations and crash fixes!
I uninstalled this game, and will probably never install it again
How do you compensate for my time being wasted?
Was raded by a cheaters
Undermesh exploit ps4
A Solution to it ALL
Conan is broken
Eery Phenomena at Ice Lake. EU#1032 Exiled Lands. C12
The frustration just seems to grow
You want to know why this game will never be fixed?
Failed to Join Server - Authentication Error
Cheating on 6002
Potion of Bestial Memory does not deteriorate in the Horse's inventory
2509(official) why?¿?
Why do clans spam landlock for no reason
How do they break the game even more with every update?!
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PC Hotfix (16.05.2019) - Small fixes and second wave of thrall wiping
Censorship or openly ignoring player base
There are servers with some difficulty?
Cannot take opinions
Single player castle vanished in minutes
Careful what you say folks
Purge Tanner's Name Changed
How to report a clan that plays PVP in a PVE server?
Last Update Epic Failure is not fixed
PC Hotfix (18.11.2019) - Exploit fix
You want to know why this game will never be fixed?
Clan blocking several obelisks