Conan exiles goes bankrupt it is legal to use glich?

Good afternoon administrators of the conan exiles, my nickname is Minare I am leader of the clan The Gypsies which are more than 15 active players that enjoy the game, we have fun and played legally but … we got to ask why fumcom does not punish people that make bugs / glich … I am a person who plays since in the game it was only deserted and a lot of configuration problems. Nowadays, we keep betting our time on you but the only thing we see is that the people who make these bug / glich do not punish them … therefore I ask not to waste my time and that of my subjects if they will carry out some punishment on people who abuse these programming errors or if the whole community can use them without being afraid of receiving punishment …

please if you need videos, photos, of people who abuse these errors I have many more …

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Minare you use the same bugs, and a racist person, calling monkey players… you and toxic… Use sword Bug to enter the house of players! dale dale dale !

Funcom bans people when they feel its necessary on a regular basis. They just did this a couple days ago. Right now it’s the weekend so you won’t get any action at this time, so you will have to wait until the new work week. As always, submit your concerns of exploits to exploit hunters.


These glitches should be fixed instead of banning, but banning is good too! I’ve had this glitch happen on my server too where the player’s in my base.

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They are doing that too. Which is why exploit hunters is so important.

If Funcom goes bankrupt, who pays the hosting bill for official servers? lol. You can run your own private servers and do whatever you want though.

Bankrupt is a sh*itty rage title, but hey weve all been there i guess.

The essense of the post is about the grieving which seems to spread as a virus on the officials, we should focus there.

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