Conan Exiles is becoming a joke in game community

Thnx for the tip, keep that in mind.

Maybe that will help :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, man. I’m almost there myself :frowning:

Each week, it’s getting harder to find the motivation to refresh my stuff.

Sometimes I hate being right, but for me, the biggest problem with all online games has been - other people. Conan Exiles, being available as a Single-player game too, presents me a refreshing exception to the rule in that I can play the game without being bothered by others.

Whether it’s griefing with existing game mechanics or outright cheating, the problem at the bottom of this all is in the players. Funcom, unfortunately, is unable to stop providing them tools, but I’m sure those same people would find ways to be annoying jerks anyway. This problem won’t go away with mechanical fixes. The only solution is being able to choose who to play with - whether that’s as Single-player or on a private, moderated server.

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Honestly, I doubt I would’ve bought CE if it weren’t for SP because MP isn’t really my thing. CE singleplayer is an amazing experience.

I get that they’d probably prefer us using servers for MP but being that SP/CO has a 4 person invite limit, it’d be fair to get rid of tethering for that mode so that you could have the same MP experience that you would on officials, just with a smaller group of people.

Least for console. As I understand it, PC has the ability to run a custom server without going third party route. Console users like me don’t get that option.

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I read alot of ppl posting that ppl with legitimate complaints are “whining”…but most players dont find out funcoms stance on admin intervention until it is too late…if funcom was straightforward about the games issues, then ppl couldnt complain about it…if you told me the water was full of sharks, and i dove in than thats on me…but if you waited to tell me until im in the mouth of one, well, thats on you…

Well peoples, it would seem that Funcom has been taking stock of our discussions regarding the behavioural problems on Official Servers, and have recently revised and tightened up the rules surround official server use. Most of you will now see this at the top of the Forum’s list of threads:


It is good that it was linked, apparently, it was there for 3 days but because it is pinned under the conan exiles’ main section, I didn’t even notice it. They should pin it here under “general discussion” which is the most commonly used section. The community guidelines should be moved here as well instead of being pinned under “players helping players”.


Same here. This is at least a sign they are hearing the legit community. So will stand corrected on some of my latest posts about them not caring.

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In all honesty, these rules were in the process of being developed and finalized on the 14th. They were only made public this morning. The moderators were given a heads up on this yesterday.


@WhatMightHaveBeen and @Narelle I am SO glad they they decided to to do this. Something had to give. PvP especially was in a bad way. Which wasnt their fault of course, but rather that of the cheaters, undermeshers and griefers who were ruining the experience for everyone else on officials. Even if there is some initial backlash, I believe with with all of my grim grey heart that they have made the right call.


Funny thing is, at one multiple people asked for this mainly, a list of what is and is not acceptable on officials. That at least takes ammunition from cheaters who would say “There are no rules”. now, at least when i see something, i can use reasoning to sas, hey that is on the list of no-no’s. Contact the clan first, and let them know. just in case it was an accident/or not known. If they are trolls, they will be belligerent. Then i can report, knowing I at least warned them of the possible trolley infraction before hand.


Phewwww…thought i was being a jerk for 2 days while this was out there, when in reality, I was just being…well a lesser jerk lol.


Exactly, this is the second unseen layer of benefit which accompanies these changes; it has just empowered and in a sense also ‘deputised’ the honest players. The genuine players can warn them what will happen if such behaviour continues, and they are then more likely to think twice about breaking the rules before Funcom even needs to interveen. This may sound silly, but we may well witness the rise of the ‘Minutemen’ here on official servers if you catch my drift. ie-good players will work together to circumvent bad ones. Although without Preston Garvey thank goodness. :laughing:


Daaaaaamn. I love being proven wrong, even partially. Nice work, Funcom!


Still feel somethings need specifying … blocking resources … does this mean walling off brimstone seen as tho there are other places to farm it… accidentally blocking of crystal cave by building on aqua duct… accidentally stopping world bosses spawning by building near ?

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Hey all,

By now, you’ve seen the server rules. Please make sure to read them thoroughly and carefully if you’re playing on official servers. As members of our community, we’d also like to ask you to follow the procedures indicated there to report and appeal, as we will try to reinforce our forum guidelines on those posts who don’t follow those rules now that those processes are clearly listed.
So, as a reference, if you’re playing in official servers, read this:

And if you’re interacting in our forums, please read this:

@Cattibria is correct. This is a process that was started months ago and worked on behind the scenes. The timestamp of the rules post is when we added the final draft of the rules to the forums.
To clear any possible confusion, we have moved forward the timestamp of that post to the moment it was made public.


Those are the grey areas for sure. but there is a difference in someone building a base, using it, and not realizing the vertical land claim issue that exists right now. As @zerog has posted before, even if we (players and Funcom) just get the very identifiable exploits done, then tolerating accidents like building above certain caves is easily manageable. The list they have is pretty straight forward on obvious ones, and does say if an area is gray, may be retracted after investigation. Not having any identifiable rules was starting to drive the community away. Most players will now rethink that daisy chain across the map, even if intentions were noble, and not do it.


I fully understand but I just get the feeling people will abuse this too…I may get banned for my comment now due to the new rules on forums … the range is huge so if you don’t hear from me it was nice talking to you all and I can probably be found in other social media threads :sweat_smile: not sure what I can and can’t say now lol

Investigation is limited the whole tribe gets banned . I also see appeals are now looked into but not everyone knows how to send said proof or upload clips of real cheaters …

It’s just all very vague


My first guess is yes, as much as that sucks. but also in the list, is a gray area of building spam lines so to speak. Blocking Brim could fall into that if you just daisy chain thru all the spawns there. As far as the vertical cave blocks, more often than not, those are accidents, and i can see them being “forgiven”.

"Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.

Abuse of the claim system (claim spam) where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other player’s access to resources and building spots.

Irresponsible abuses of the building system leading to loss of performance both on client and server-side.

Special consideration against these cases will be taken in PVE and PVE-Conflict servers."

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Wonderful to hear that! I will prepare the “irrefutable, veridic proof and evidence to back up my report” on the server I play and I’ll send it as soon as possible.