Conan Exiles is becoming a joke in game community

agree mate

I was doing something like that, with the same propose. As soon as Funcom turned public the official server rules, I destroyed everything. Toxic players (already reported) closed the paths 2 days after. I decided to trust Funcom. My server became worse than it was, but I hope they will soon be banned and the server will be playable again. My suggestion is you do the same.


The obbie thing on the surface to me is not an issue. Under-meshing thralls around it so you can;t kill them off for a kill zone is another. IE, by not having an obbie to teleport to, it does not keep you from going to that area, just makes it harder. PVP esp… To me doing things that require threads of thousands of sandstone foundations to block resources is far worse.


I’m going to hope that if we are reported, that Funcom will give us the warning to remove it. We specifically avoided areas of resource farming and any existing buildings. I do believe that Funcom has their hearts in the right place, but I think that this may be a can of worms that they maybe are underestimating.

You will find most did not build in it … they blocked it to stop the few trolls that would undermesh in there

Or Funcom will assume that the wrong is wrong whatever who are doing or why are doing. Once you are violating de rules, you are liable to be banned. I don’t believe Funcom will analyze the intentions. And if they do, everybody would give good reasons for why they were doing that and Funcom would need judges for each new report

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Most Eu official pvp servers … I know lots of people that suffered the ban for black keep … n yes they did it to stop a small number from actually undermeshing under there !

Understanding and your choice of answer, seriously.
Answers instead of statements please, it’s an indirect question.

This is a “normal” question with frustrations, why taking it personally.
You can answer almost what you want, you don’t get flagged.

Dumb forum, making rules on forums for official servers. You think cheaters will come to the forum to read the rule? Wow, just wow.

It’s like giving more rules to good people while others laugh about it, should implement in game and this is called damage control. Give something to the public to see for the feeling.

Maybe they should. I believe when logging in to an official server you get a pop-up notifying of these rules.
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse to break them.

The rest of your post seems a little fragmented so i’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say. Perhaps you could explain?


Again, I’m somewhat confident that something like a three tile wide road, with ‘heat’ stops (fireplaces), ‘chill’ stops (wells), fish farms/honey pots, radium lighting, and maptables every so often wouldn’t be treated with the same sword as say someone who has blocked obelisk.

But, that will be seen I guess.

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hey donbzm , I just wanted to react on this part of your message since it has already been " solved " and I am sure that with the clarification of the user aggrement we will see more good than bad out of this . But even before the rules were clear , I can personnaly state that funcom did act to “clean” a server from a greiffer and so even before the rules were clearer on what is considered grieffing !

the reason on why we hear so few of this resolved cases , is due to the fact that most of the action was going through the DM system since it’s the start process on how to report grief ( with multiple screen evidence ect ) and it’s mostly because we aggree to not relay others players info on the forum since it’s not made for personnal feud

send me a dm if you want to know more :wink:


@Kanza1, thanks for sharing this information. I really didn’t take notice about those cases, that’s why I started this topic. But as you said, it’s solved. I think now we have clear informations about what we can expect about people breaking the rules. And now we know exactly which rules to follow. It’s a big change. I’m still waiting for my server became health again, and I hope it will happen soon.


You telling me it isnt already? funcoms first problem was that they went for cheap/free servers through Gportal, the servers can barely handle 20 players let alone the building blocks an thralls, trying just to login its met with continual loading screens, the server setup is trash & if they release a new map using the same lame Gportal or similar it will be the same again.

A lot of the lag is client-side rendering, not server side. Our FOB is probably 10k blocks on an official and outside of our immediate area there’s no real issue. Ensure that you have an SSD and a moderate graphic settings. And honestly, find your lowest ping server.

Coming from Rust, there’s a lot of things that are blamed on servers that are client side. There are times where the entire server may lag badly, such as when a large structure despawns due to decay and all the loot bags fall/form; but outside of this a lot of time it’s client side lag as opposed to server issues.


I am having a difficult time with this entire facade Ignasis so please tell me WHAT has actually changed?

You simply took the time to post some of the same offenses that have always been bannable in this game and provided extra detail on others while citing the same excuse for not handling this for years-“Conan Exiles has over a thousand official servers, divided between three platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) and several regions. This comes with the caveat of us not being able to monitor every server all the time, nor have any active admins or Gamemasters.”

At the same time, you removed the player list making it impossible for players to actually provide you with important information for you to actually investigate (like a real static steam id) which some view as a strategic move on your part to rely on more generic ’ lack of Irrefutable, veridic proof and evidence’ replies which takes 10 seconds vs the time to actually investigate these complaints. Certainly frees up more time for Funcom to work on the next moneymaker rather than fix the overwhelming bugs/cheats/hacks/exploits that have run rampant in this game since day one.

Most games that I play do not place ALL the burden on the player reporting, all reports are investigated (they actually take time to pull logs and look into actions) and handled appropriately by those with game authority to do so. Not Funcom, show us COMPLETE ‘irrefutable, veridic proof of evidence’ so we do not have to lift a finger or pull up a log or else you are ignored. Seems like the same ol’ same ol’ Ignasis but I am sure the facade will give comfort to some.

The icing on the cake is that Funcom has not only been placing ALL the burden on players for actions they should be responsible in taking, they also then tie their hands by removing things like the player list making it impossible for the players to GIVE them important information for investigation like the real steam id. Player names, steam names, steam ids can be changed, character and accounts can be deleted, this is where that real static steam id would be helpful with a complaint but of course, Funcom removes that ability making it even more difficult for us to handle ALL the burden of potential enforcement (they wont touch anything without ‘Irrefutable, veridic proof and evidence’) and I find this just mindblowing.

The real question is, WHAT has actually changed in the way complaints are handled Ignasis? Did you hire some extra employees to handle complaints after citing for years that you do not have the ability to monitor all your servers or have active admins or gamemasters to handle? Did you assigned specific people to some of your official servers and actually give them authority to investigate and take action? Will you now actually take 5 minutes to investigate each complaint that doesn’t hand you the exploiter on a silver platter with video evidence of the name and action or will these complaints still get that immediate generic lack of evidence reply so Funcom doesn’t have to invest 5 minutes in actually looking at logs? Do you now have ‘any’ official admins that are able to jump into game when these reports are happening where hackers are running around for hours instant killing and looting people with the ability to stop the actions destroying some of these servers? WHAT have you actually done on your side to improve how complaints are handled as most of us probably agree, the lack of action on Funcom’s part in curbing the exploiters and hackers has been greatly missing since the inception of this game, even with the previous definition of bannable offenses.

I am pretty sure I already know the answer to my questions above, you simply reposted and updated some rules to pacify some of your players into thinking something is actually changing with they way you handle exploiters and cheaters when in fact, no actual change in how complaints are handled was implemented and to me, this is nothing more than a facade.

And while I am taking the time to reply…How about Battle-eye Funcom, why not take the time to sit down and revise this so that it actually works with your game as it certainly does not seem to be integrated correctly with Conan Exiles. I have heard this has been ‘in the works’ for years, is it coming soon? Have you looked into other anti-cheat programs that might actually work? :wink:

While I am confident we might now get a horse with a racist name removed from the game after enough reports are generated (little effort to give false sense of progress), I am also fairly confident that the exploiters and hackers will still be doing their thing and our ‘irrefutable evidence’ will still be lacking on 9 out of 10 attempts at reporting, especially without that player list and a real id. Everyone knows that Funcom will not lift a finger to investigate further as the burden is, and always has been, on US which is why we are sitting where we are with exploits and hacks being the norm rather than the exception on most official servers.

The only proof that will likely be given a glance by Funcom on exploits and hackers will be video showing character names and the exploit/ hack happening (not always easy to capture both) and hopefully the character and/or family share account isn’t deleted (will be by those experienced) as I doubt Funcom will lift a finger to link a deleted account to an actual account and take action. They will just continue citing the lack of admins on official and keep pressing that automated ‘lack of Irrefutable, veridic proof and evidence’ reply button.

I see no real actual promise of curtailing the exploiting and hacking with the ‘official server conduct’ posting as I see zero mention of how complaints will be handled differently than they have been in the past and we can certainly see how well this (Funcom’s handling of exploit/hack complaints) has actually been working by just logging into official servers.

I saw some posts about people being scared of Funcom now? Just do not use racist names for your character or horse or block off entire game content and you will be just fine as Funcom taking action on something like this is likely greater now (easy no work investigating) and it will give everyone that false sense of security of Funcom actually caring and taking action on the bigger stuff.

Now Igansis, if you have indeed actually made a change to HOW the complaints of exploiting and hacking are handled differently than the past (which most of us agree is a joke - even the exploiters), please post this information because until then, simply listing offenses that have always been bannable and adding/detailing a few others is just fluff if the lack of effort on Funcom’s part to invest the time in actually investigating remains at the same irresponsible level it always has been.


@Ignasi @Hugo Maybe add report bouton for players/clans who break server rules same at server report bouton.

If 1 toxic team/player has been reported 10+ times on the server it can be automaticaly sent alert to you and you can directly investigate it and punish them.

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How would you prevent abuse?


It has been an hour + , just saying.


Look again. The title of this thread really speaks words.

A ok.