Conan Exiles is becoming a joke in game community


Hope that Conan doesn’t go away, I will play this untill I die.


This thread is still going? Wow. Anyways well said.

I dont know why people want to compare it to the rest of the game genre because this game is in its own niche thanks to the lore.

I would go far to say one of the best made survival games in the last few years.

I would never railroad myself onto official servers.

The fact that the community is modding the game and running there own servers is a good sign.


Well, I will admit I have not read through all the hundreds of responses in this thread. But I have been following it for a little while and I feel it’s time to chime in.

I agree with you Akomo, that Conan is one of the best made survival games in the last few years. Despite problems on official servers there is a rich community that loves and supports this game. It definitely has its fair share of problems, what game doesn’t. But one of the great things about this is that after more than two years Funcom is still very actively making changes and improvements to the game. Big changes. Some of these changes you may agree with, some of them you may not. But they are working hard on the game and listening to its players.

I definitely understand people’s frustrations with certain things, I have felt it too. But I have discussed and argued with some very passionate people in this community. Passion is what shines through. Some people may look at Conan and think it is becoming a joke, I can’t speak for the larger gaming community on this one. But, I know a lot of people, myself included, that keep coming back to this game because we love it and want to see it reach its highest potential.

You take the good with the bad sometimes. I for one am glad funcom is taking steps to clean up official servers. It isn’t going to be perfect, it’s not going to be instant. That’s life. But stating official rules, investigating infractions, big improvements coming to combat undermeshing (from my understanding all undermeshing) These are real positive changes. Is Conan a joke, I don’t think so. If anything I think it is underrated. I suppose time will tell. If Funcom can continue to improve the game and offer new content as they have been, I for one will be playing this game for likely years to come.


This game will be just another caretaker like everything out there, i agree that cheaters should be taken care of although i disagree that by building in the world you can get banned, this game stands out for its freedom and for being barbaric, this alone should set the stance for the game, what’s the problem if someone blocks another through building? Its an ancient war tactic used by the romans, there are ways you can build to not get blocked and for resources i even find the freedom to own them quite unprecedented and an interesting experience, but if for resources you think its taking it too far just make it a no build zone around the major resources and thats that


The last decade-2010- present, gaming companies have improved in their response to communities who play the games, compared to the decade before-2000-2010 where suits thought they knew best and failed hard.

I dont think ive been so active with game like i have been with this one from a community standpoint.

IF i want to see changes done correctly and know the game inside and out, then as a player , I need to pay attention to the players and the devs.

This is the only game that will kick my ■■■ at cap if im not paying attention or if I make a mistake.

That goes a long way with me.


PVP - Official

Believe it or not, but I just played Conan this week. First time again after the mount update. .
Guess what, I’m a hardcore PVP player and the game is still broken for PvP.

Not speaking of the bugs what I experienced in the meantime, new ones too.

I just really don’t get the movement, I played Conan for more then a year and the movement was lovely and smooth (not in animation, but control). Now it’s still not OK (after many updates), if the developers played their own game like it should (no mods etc) and clan wars. You can only conclude 1 thing:
*** Skill based fighting is gone, where you could win a battle 1 vs 5, is now gone. Whoever hits first, wins. 1 vs 2, you are done. THIS IS VERY CRITICAL! ***

Why: If you want players to join a new server, there has to be a “skill gap” and not a “invested time gap”. Not interesting to play anymore because it’s more “resource vs resource” instead of “Clan/players vs Clan/players”, it’s to bad because the building element is great, but now you just walk around the map and if clans/players build much you just leave, there is no room for fighting skills. Why would I spent time to build up again (cost a month), hard finding new players and the bugs and animation are all subjects for motivation killers, for example the Pick-Axe animation is like I had a stroke the day before and losing fighting clans because you are outnumbered when starting in the first place (besides the survival mode itself). The bright side if this, skills in running away is becoming better.

I was attracted to multiplayer survival with a competitive touch, loved Conan but this ain’t working for me anymore and most oldskool hardcore players are gone, for example moved to the game “Last Oasis” with obviously good reasons in my opinion (same as the title).

Hope the PvP today in Conan is nothing compared to what is coming for Dune.
But I have to force myself to lower the expectations, especially with these devs, so it’s just an other survival game and if you have bugs, your problem. Core mechanic changes like movement, no problem… We as devs just want to adjust this core system movement because it’s more important that the content made out of this should look smooth… :clown_face:

Hope Tencent Games forces the focus making better games, money no problem anymore.


Funny thing, when Romans built their fortifications, there were also siege machines that could destroy them. On PVE(-C) servers, you don’t have that. So that right there is one of the problems.

But even on PVP servers, you have to keep in mind that this is a game and it’s supposed to be fun. Being a Gaul conquered by the Roman empire wasn’t much fun, was it?

Hit the nail on the head there.


yes he went to the server where i play with my friends, the only server we play, the only 60 level character we have and starting insult us, we only had 3 bases meanwhile Savage Sword has 16 massive bases around map. THen they starting sending false tickets to funcom. Is a grieffer


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