Conan exiles isle of siptah

i would like to know maybe a dev can reply as well but do you need the dlc to craft yamatai boots or any yamatai items for that matter?

Yamatai is part of the DLC, so it makes sense that you need the DLC to craft it.
You can easily get Yamatai items from someone who owns the DLC, although you won’t be able to repair them at a crafting station, except with repair kits.

so even with the new update you do need the dlc correct. only reason im ask8ng is long story short im being accused of crafting some boots i cant even craft because i do not have the dlc but they are saying that with the new update you can do so

Maybe there was an exploit at some point where you could craft DLC items. Regardless, you can receive items from other players from all DLCs, and that alone should absolve you of any accusation.