Conan exiles / naraka bladepoint

So i was thinking while playing Naraka bladepoint

was wondering has team of Funcom has actually taken the time to play that and see if we can implement that parry system and extra combo etc

I mean Out of all the melee combat … This game has it the best and i feel would be worth trying to attempt the system into CE to see if it will work.

The parry in Naraka is only for blue attacks and always leads to a disarm (enemy drops his weapon).

I would much prefer the clashing mechanic, when both parties attack at the same time, there is a weapon clash and both get reduced damage.

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its an idea to bring back that Rock paper scissor idea with different form being able to overtake each other.

Sadly yes the lag would make it hard but in that rare moment it be nice to see a parry line up just right to bounce off each other just making that intense fight that much more insane. I like a good combat that put us into a fight or flight situation that makes us sweat more and more as it rages on.

I’d prefer something akin to Valheim. But like Halk said, I doubt we’d see it work well because of desync. Valhiem isn’t really a PVP game or even made with more than 2-4 players in mind.

But… with that said.

If players are willing to see it NOT work against players but only NPCs, then it might work here. I’d be alright with that. I dunno if the rest of you would though.

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Joel has said on multiple occasions “no parry.”

This is a game where we can regularly drop to a miserable ping of 250+. That’s a longer ping than the typical human reflex. Any parry would be abused, especially vs NPCs.

I think there’s space in the game for counters and throws. We’re barbarians, we rip shirts and toss stuff.


It’s really not that simple. I’ve had a short stint in the industry, and I can tell you that everyone on the team played a wide variety of games, from a wide variety of genres. It was completely normal to reference other games when explaining ideas or mechanics for the game you’re working on.

But just because the devs like the mechanics from a particular game, it doesn’t mean they can be adapted to the game they’re working on. And even when it’s technically possible, it might not be economically feasible.

Much as I disagree with @JJDancer’s phrasing, she’s right: the industry does not run on mere wishes. @Barnes explained well what @Halk meant by “desync issues”, and Joel Bylos – who used to be Creative Director for Conan Exiles – himself explained that same problem, repeatedly. So despite all the wishes to do something cool, it’s likely not possible from the technological point of view, and even if it were, it wouldn’t be cost-effective.

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I would be fine if they just fixed when enemies auto-turn to you and if they add blocking to 2h swords.
Also, i think it would me awesome if we could get back the 1h sword and spear movesets, those were more fun and dynamic to my taste at least.

Parrying would be awesome but yeah, it may not work as intended.

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Looking :eyes: at the things that have been added to the Conan combat, we can indeed expect some new elements. The last additions are:

  1. New types of weapons
  2. Changed animations / weapon use
  3. Fight in the water
  4. Sprint attacks

We can always expect new types of weapons (1.) and slight changes to the animation (2.) or use of the current weapons. But water fighting (3.) and sprint attacking (4.) show that we can expect as well:

  1. Jump attacks
  2. Dodge attacks
  3. Crouch attacks
  4. Climbing fights (throwing weapons?)

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