Conan exiles never to be fixed

Good intentions, but again poorly implemented, rushed, buggy, not tested and performance draining.


Tascha thanks for your activity in these forums.

Even though I don’t post much I do read ( and i am sure many others as well ) your responses which are regular and informative.

Seeing regular developer responses/updates to issues gives me confidence as a player and consumer.




Sorry but it is not the responses that will fix the game, as a player and consumer it provides very little when it only contains excuses, ‘we are aware’ or ‘are working on it’. The game is utterly broken, they are yet to release the first patch that did not break the game even more, many of the ‘fixed’ issues are not fixed, stuff is not being tested, only a handful of people are working on it, they keep releasing DLC while the game is broken, the DLC’s themselves adding more issues, (official server)performance is a nightmare, purges are not working, thralls/pets AI is a mess, static world with catch up mechanism is a mess… I can go on but I think you catch my drift. And yes ty @Tascha for doing a good job and keeping up with the poor work delivered by the company you work for.

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We have to thank Tascha and all from Funcom that post. Having said that, no matter how good and frequent communication is, if there is no in-game fix answer at a given point, problem will still be there and people’s patience will eventually run out. No matter how much we talk about it. Everyone appreciates the mods’ effort and answers, specially if they come with a “fixed issue” attachment!

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I’ve just been reading through the new responses to this thread as I didn’t have that much time to catch up during the weekend and definitely didn’t expect it to go this way.

Thanks a lot for the nice comments, me and also my CMs really do appreciate this. :heart:
I know, especially if you just lost progress, if the mechanics that you really enjoy do not work or if an issue that is annoying to you for one reason or another is still not fixed, it’s incredibly frustrating.
I also know it doesn’t really help with that frustration if we can’t give you guys more detailed answers than that we reported it and that we are working on it. Especially if the fix does not come out fast enough or we have to priorities other issues.

We are sometimes called parrots for repeating ourselves and I also totally understand where this is coming from.
Please let me assure you that there are discussions internally on how to improve on all aspects of development, processes, patching etc. However, it’s an ongoing process to improve and it’s more often than not baby steps.

We are currently working on increasing our Community team. One of the main reason is of course to have much more frequent interaction on the forums and to ensure no reports are falling through the cracks. It’s also very important to us that you know we saw your issue and that we understand the frustration. This is unfortunately not always possible since me and the CMs have a lot of other additional responsibilities. The new additions to my team will however be fully focused on answering questions, replying to threads in general and and dedicate 100% to reporting and tracking.

As I mentioned before, I am working on public boards so you can see the status of the most critical bugs etc. This goes not as fast as I would want but that’s also due to internal processes, evaluations and that I can’t just decide on my own (after all software in most cases also costs money and I can’t pay that from my own pocket) :slight_smile:

Anyway, I didn’t mean this to come over as an excuse but I wanted to ensure everyone that we really, truly do understand where the current frustration is coming from and we are communicating your thoughts back to the team. With that said, I can also ensure you that the devs are working hard and are passionate about Conan Exiles. Sometimes the design vision or the idea behind a mechanic is different than the community expects it to be. As you hopefully know, we do take your input about this back to the team for consideration as well.

And yeah, bugs are a difficult topic, we know. Again, I can assure you that everyone is trying their best and working their hardest. Sometimes that’s not enough and leads to frustration and for that I am sorry but we do keep trying to improve on all aspects of Conan Exiles.

Once, again, thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:


I have to applaud your patience with people.

This is why I couldn’t be bothered working on game programming, outsiders always seem to have this idea or vision that things are always easy as 1,2,3 or that things aren’t being worked on. Be it bugs or improvements or even a public bug list.

God knows I’ve stopped myself from posting some things that would definitely get me banned from the forums.

So once again I have to sincerly applaud you and your team members patience and understanding with people, despite the harsh critics out there. Hope you and your team keep doing the best you can to your abilities…

Also if you could bring a message back to the rest of the CE team… Take care of yourselves so you can keep doing and working on a project you enjoy. There’s negative remarks and harsh critics, sure but there’s also the non-vocal mass who obviously enjoys the game you’re working on. :slight_smile: So keep doing what you enjoy for the people who enjoy it.


Absolutely. Super happy to as we actually have a dedicated slack channel where we post positive input, feedback and encouragement from the community for everyone to see :slight_smile:


Would this help as an example of a thrall issue: as dumb as a sack full of hammerheads! …thralls do NOTHING but stand and look stupid, the only thing missing is the drool.

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Honest question for you @LessliRose , why are you on our forums? Do you even enjoy the game?
There is a difference between being frustrated about the game but still trying to be constructive or at least post information we can work or help with and just being a plain out obvious troll.
You are welcome to be a part of this community but looking at your history and what and how you post input I very much doubt that is your main intention anyway.


So, there is a patch fixing some of the bugs/adding improving stuff like archery which is coming by the end of Oct?

I understand some players are frustrated and others lack a filter; however, I would like a way to avoid having to read non-productive negativity. Is it possible to add an option to the flag where a forum member could flag a post to cause it to be hidden to them. There need not be a connection to the reporting system just a response by hiding the post for the member clicking the button.

For the record, my thralls behave as I expect them to.

The rhino thinks he’s a puppy; but the other animals behave as I expect them to as well.

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Certainly nothing on optimization and archery in the next couple of days. There will be bug fixes coming directly to Live very soon though.

Optimization, AI, and archery changes will make their way to Testlive once a few bugs have been cleared up from the most previous big update. From there it may take a few weeks (and iterations) before it goes to the main servers. It’s best to let it go into an open testing environment first, so numbers can be altered to keep the game balanced.

With the first iteration of the pets patch, it completely killed off all thralls in the open, starvation timers were extreme, and diets were very picky. Because of the open testing feedback, they were able to tame it down to better suit the masses without ticking off the majority of players.

If you don’t like what i’m saying then ban me,or flag the post and claim it was the “community” like you usually do when you don’t like what a gamer’s saying about your game, you and your people have that down to a T at least, as far as me “liking the game”, none of your bussiness, what i will say however is, it bugs me that funcom lied to a half million gamers (including me) about the state of the game, then denied refunds to nearly every single one of us, all to save themselves from Bankruptcy, and not one thank you, then there’s you people, the CM’s, acting real inocent, like nothing ever happened, you never ripped us off, you never lied… yeah right.

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Yes, so you can say they banned you. Always a badge of honor for “you people” that like to find every negative aspect, and feel vindicated that Funcom has devised a game solely to piss you off and make your life miserable.

And, the purpose of certain threads on this forum is to find out what players like or dislike, so it is technically her business when there is a complaint/opinion/vent, and really whoever reads the forums as well, to know if you like certain aspects.

Breath in, breath out. Breath in, Breath out :slight_smile:
Can only imagine how many rubber squeeze balls you must go thru :slight_smile:


Is your name Tascha?

Yeah…kind of going to agree with LessliRose on this. As community managers that have to be the go between from the community of gamers and your company, you need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly. To ignore, ban or block people because they give negative attitudes or reactions is censorship of the forums…which I guess, they are your forums so you can do what you like. But, to block and ban negative feedback will give a false sense of accomplishing a polished game when it is 100% clear, Conan Exiles is far from it.

The issues that our clan has seen, has reported or have seen other report show us that this game in its current state does not reflect a released game. This version to us looks like a beta. Granted, were not going to complain too much about that, we have a massive amount of time invested since early Beta, so have enjoyed the game to a point. Something soooooo simple like a light attack with the javelin, and boom, unlimited stamina…that is a prime example of piss poor work. There are more bugs and exploits now then at the end of beta, and it seems like every time a patch, update or content release happens, all the old bugs and exploits come back. This is due to using an old version of coding when doing the fixes and updates. Again, that is extremely sloppy work.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree, negative feed back is needed. But to throw out hyperbole just to show you are mad is not constructive. And when asked to give examples of what exactly one likes, and be told it is none of your business, leads me to believe the person is not going to be constructive with the criticism, and nothing is truly gained, other than this becoming a vent forum for them.

As far as released vs beta, i would say it is a released version, as it has been released. But to how complete it is is definitely open for interpretation.

Finding a bug is not as easy as turn this on/ rewrite this. There is a lot of math going on for every movement/input in a game this diverse, and finding where that math is creating the bug is harder than a lot of us even can contemplate. I know, because i have done some home brewing (reverse engineering and programming) on my own of old SNES games ( TSB3 to be exact). rewriting the entire AI to fit in 32 teams and add dynamic “thinking” that wasn’t there before . Similiar to basically how developers use licensed software (Funcom using Unreal Engine) to get everything out of it. I have talked with alot of home brew devs while doing my stuff, and we all seem to think that is the fun in it. To take a tool, and do someothing no one else thought of doing or accomplished. Mine is on a 64 bit system. And to find that one command that doesn’t work, is looking for a needle in a haystack. Now imagine 1000 haystacks, and 1 needle while still feeding the cattle. the cattle can eat, but there is always a chance that one will eat the needle.

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Granted, finding and replicating bugs is hard, Im not denying that, especially with the complexity of a game this size. What I am saying is when they find and fix the exploits, they overwrite those fixes by using older code on the next version. That is why we see some of the same old same old bugs come back, and to me, that just seems sloppy.

So, when you have a player base for a few years, and you see the same cycle of errors (some unavoidable, and some from sloppy work) it does get frustrating. People report issues, they hear the “were aware” or “were working on it” to see it get fixed months down the road, only to have them come back later on. To those that bought the game at release they may not have seen this, but they have to put up with a lot of really, really annoying issues that should not be present in a launched game, IMO. Those of us that have seen it from the start, were more used to it, it not longer surprises us, but its still just as disappointing. Really good case in point is the changes to the event log. Not needed at all, but the reason given was “to help track down issues and bugs and how they start” Now, there is extreme lag issues with SOME people to the point where you cant even access the log without your game freezing up where you cant interact with anything. Restarting your game is the only fix. This issue also presents an issue when you attack a clan with a very very very large base. We cast 2 gods on a base containing roughly 40-50k parts. The second god made the server so laggy that the server did a soft crash and kicked everyone offline. Relogged to server, cast a 3rd god, and server hard crashed, losing the 3rd god. Wait for server to come back up, and we placed 40 bombs. Detonate and the server lags so badly that everyone gets kicked offline. Repeated about 6-8 times with the bombs attempting to break in before giving up. The only explaination we can think of is so much data is being logged damage wise to the event log that it bottlenecks and then crashes, kicking everyone off.

Now, if someone can tell me WHY this new event log came into place with a legit reason, ill listen. But it was rushed, untested, unnecessary, and now causes more issues then ever before.

What was wrong with Conan beta where we didn’t have a log? Much simpler, much better.