Conan Exiles - New Beginnings is looking for members! :) (PvE) (4x xp 8x harvest, low craft time)

Hi! I just started a pve server for me and my friends and we are looking for new members :slight_smile: we are new to conan exiles so other new players are welcome :slight_smile:

The type of server we are doing is one where everyone works together in one big city , working on it and expanding it and taking on caves and bosses or might expand to having different cities around the world but everyone will be working together as one big clan, so if you are more of a solo player who wants to go somewhere else you wouldnโ€™t really fit in

The current mods are -

Pippi - (adds in tons of new stuff)
Stylistplus (letโ€™s you add one armours appearance to another armour)
Better thralls (Increases max thralls to 10 and gives more options)
Emberlight - (adds in tons of new stuff)
The Age of Calamitous - (adds in tons of new stuff)
Paragon Leveling (increases level cap to 300)

and the current edited rates are -

4x Experience
8x Harvesting
0.10x Crafting
10x Resource Respawn
0.001x Animal Pen

I also have it so we keep our stuff when we die and I am going to be putting on purges after the base is done since right now it is just land and a house :slight_smile:

Server Name = Conan Exiles - The New beginnings
Ip =
Password = Conan Exiles - The New beginnings

Hope you guys join ^^