Conan Exiles Nintendo Switch Port?

Any chance you guys might consider a port of Conan Exiles on Nintendo Switch?


I’d buy it, perferrably with the dlc’s included :grin:

And If it’s able to do cross-platform with the other consoles and PC, it would be my go to machine to play

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The normal PS4 barely handle the game.
The switches also have way to less internal memory… (I have one)…

I didn’t notice and I play on PS4 Slim not on PS4 Pro. So far I’ve had only to crash with blue screen. And I think both were caused because I put to much lightning sources inside my base.

The switch is a little powerful sucker dont knock it. I play skyrim on it and it handles all them mechanics well.

Now a online game… like conan im not to sure.

I would most definitely buy it on nintendo if we got crossplay with ps4.

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