Conan Exiles no longer runs

So, I recently had to factory reset my rig but after getting everything re-downloaded the game no longer runs. Starting it up in steam just says running for a short while before shutting down, no error message or anything, checked my drivers and now it’s claiming my processor isn’t good enough (When I’ve been using this processor for almost 800+ hours of game play, so I fail to see where the issue is there.

Any ideas? I rather enjoy this game but seems I cannot play it anymore due to some unseen issue, should I just factory reset my rig once again, maybe something didn’t install correctly?

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That steam thing happens to me too and I do exactly that to solve it most times.

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CPU Type
AMD FX™-4300 Quad-Core Processor

Update: Completely uninstalled conan, steam and all my drivers/antivirus. Reinstalled them all custom to make sure it was getting a fresh installation and now everything runs again, Conan is playing once again and if not better than it did before the factory reset. Though I think it’s about time to upgrade my rig anyways. Thanks for the quick and helpful response.


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