Conan Exiles Pets and why they SUCK! pls Fix

Greetings and salutations, this video shows the need for a Pets re-work and and Undead archers and the importance of them. It shows the imbalance of current game mechanics that favor attacking over the defense, but unfortunately to offline players pay the brunt of this price. And ultimately end up leaving the game small game mechanic changes could greatly improve player population. And provide a overall better experience


Hey @BrokenFang

Thanks for the feedback, relaying it to our team.


hey thanks for replaying! at the end of the day that’s all I ask for and if the Dev don’t see it the same way. Its ok. I totally get that there is a small team, and the Dev’s have there own vision… but this come from 1500hr of playing though all game systems, and being a legend in my own mind! :slight_smile:

Def agree with this assessment. Tier 4 creature should have more armor n damage. Skeleton archers r def a must n rocknose should’ve immunity. Great job pointing things out trying to help make the game better for us all. Hope FC listen n what not

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yea its a lot of work fighting the fight!

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You have expressed my exact feeling on pets! I have stopped taming completely because of how easily they die. The only way to effectively use pets is to create sections of them interspersed with archers and fighters en mass. It creates so much lag that the lag itself is a decent defense. However, this seems to be counter intuitive to a healthy server and fluid gameplay in general.

I was deeply disappointed to learn that skeletons will be nerfed soon. The the only option besides pets is an undead army that cannot be stunned into the oblivion or gassed. The skeletons actually offer up a decent challenge in the game as far as npcs go.

All of these things offer considerable challenges to the devs because balance is extremely difficult to find in this regard. Buff animals? Nerf gas? Neither option is clear cut and both introduce their own headaches.

Truly if something could be done about offline raiding that was fair to both sides, it would fix most complaints. I was definitely interested in a few points that shadiversity made in his open letter to the devs.

Hopefully mounts and magic will breathe new life into this beautiful game!

Excited and nervous about the future of CE going forward. :grin::v:

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Thank you for your lengthy post, it’s interesting to get a different perspective. A lot of my perspective is done through sheer play time, hanging out in Discord with my other friends raiding, are being raided… I have put so much into time into the game, it’s sickening. And the amount of steps the mechanics that I understand is like some Next Level stuff. Look at my wishlist playlist. I go in depth about torches,
Storage systems, building mechanics, and rating systems. I’ve been trying for over a year to get some of the stuff we worked. I know the developers has a vision, but like everything in life it’s a compromise. In order to maintain the player population has to be a degree of compromise

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I agree. the only reason we farm them now is to cause a lag defense tbh. The number one can farm in a day and layout around the base is crazy. Yes, they can gas them, but if you put enough out there, they have to do it from a far with arrows (another issues all together with the range of a power shot). And if you are lucky enough to be online, you can just spam place replacements lol.


You are correct and that’s it good observation, but the whole point of having accurately balance diverse unit is that you don’t have to spam the server to try to compensate for an adequacy. If they just develop and balance the right units. You only need five or six versus spamming 50 or 60 of them. That would help server load tremendously, it’s super simple they just need to tailor the pets get into the developer kit. And actually give them a Tier property T1, 250 AR T2, 350 AR T3, 450 and if there grater 550 armor value.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. Those are all valid comments. Parents that there is a large community that wants to scream to be successful, the developers just need to understand that there has to be compromised in everything in life



Got an “epic”/unique ‘boss’ bird pet (sorry, forget the actual name)
Looks awesome, huge as can be - (and if I fought them, they would kill me) - but died like a noob!
(Very squishy)

Also, saber tooth cat - wants to kill me in two pounces up north… I tame one, their health goes down after being hit a couple times… and takes a year and forever to go up.

  • I munch on food, my health goes up - faster for better quality food
  • but then, my pet - takes forever to heal (suck in dungeons… and out - especially as everything ‘respawns’ - really makes a great thing - pets - cumbersome and disappointing.

But they do like to listen to peoples feedback, and when valid issues come up - seem interested in genuinely trying to address it. (We even have mounts now… well, soon) :wink:

So… here is hoping their health, defense, etc. gets some loving soon! :wink:

Personally, since our server is quiet and my rig is good, I don’t notice any appreciable lag from my pets or even Zero-G’s dadgum Cincinnati Zoo.

I have platoons of crocs all over the place at Fleshtearer, and since that caused no issue I doubled down above Klael’s Stronghold, and on the low plateau below, all the way through the water and into Sepermeru. Crocs and Greater Crocs everywhere. Still, no issues, even with city aggro and other player in the area.

To anybody else who hasn’t heard me evangelize: Crocs and Greater Crocs are the single-finest base defense vs Locusts, Undead, Demon and Hyena Purges. I hate to say “meat in the machine,” because I have a memorial to the first four I lost in my first Undead Dragon attack. They are very very effective in purge defense as reptilian bleed-curtains.


Crocodiles don’t generally make good pets.

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According to you, nothing makes a good pet.:joy:

I only farm pets for the resources they generate while caged. I find them useless otherwise. However, I only PvE.

When I was new to the game, farming pets was so much fun. It is easy and pretty risk free, compared to getting thralls in those early levels. Also, they just look great having a few stashed here and there around the base. But, I can see how in PvP, you would not want to weaken your overall defenses by having a weaker pet get in the mix, since the mechanics have the 4 attacker limits in place.

I agree with the undead archer assessment. Seems like a great value add. But one other pet class I want to see… really really want to see…

FLYING pets. Even high jumping pets would be neat. Cats leaping 3 stories high. Locusts spitting their foul puke 100 feet. Rhinos and elephants knocking everyone off a building or perch when they charge the wall or stomp the ground within 3 tiles.

Spiders and scorps climb anything except spiked fences.

Just think of ways to make pet attacks more unique and then you bring back their importance in the game.


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