Conan exiles ps4 pve-c server warmakers sanctuary rusted key glitch


Hey there i have been playing the warmakers sanctuary 5 times all ready but every time i go to try to locate a rusty key in the chests even with perfect timing the chests that contain the rusted key have nothing in them and let alone extra stuff like wood bark metal bars and other things. I wanted to spread word to other ps4 conan players and see if this issue persists other players.

do you close the chests after you loot them? on pc you can close them the way you open them. if you don’t, it will take very long time for them to respawn.

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Yes. This happens all over the map.
When people exit the chest with their inventory key or drop unwanted items while in the chest menu.

Only solution is to destroy the chest and wait 20 minutes.
Sometimes that doesn’t work either.

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Was there yesterday and in every chest was at least one. Max was 4…
So its not really worth anyway…
Ps4 PvE at official.

What I was more pissed off: you can use all keys at one door… as soon as it closes, you use another rusty key…

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