Conan Exiles PvE improove


i’m an PvE/Build up player only and i allready really really enjoy it but i wanted to make a Suggestion, lets roll it out:
The bosses feel kinda cool but some of them are a little lame, so i would Suggest to make a “pve-hard-mode” option for a server so the boss got more skills to use and can’t be staggered permanently like the witch queen.

Lets bring some examples:
-The Boss in the Northern ice temple feels the same as a normal frost giant with improoved HP
-The witch queen shouldnt be able to be staggered and the giants could spawn at the same time
-the arachnid boss on the eastern island shouldn’t be able to be staggered permanently too!
-The boss in “the Dregs” Abysmal Remnant you can easyly shoot with arrows without moving and his ranged ability won’t even hit you if you crouch and that poison shouldn’t be his only attack move either

Sure its alot of work which would come with this but i also want to hear the opinions from other players what they think about that, or if someone know a mod which brings exactly this! :wink:

Greeting Caiis!

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