Conan Exiles Ragnarok - sugestion for the next season

Suggestion for the next round of game improvements. Problem - New players arrive on a server at level 1 and encounter experienced players with T4 or T5 bases. Your experience will be devastating. That’s why there’s so much player evasion. Solution - Conan Exiles Ragnarok - are specific servers where the horde will be impossible to stop… impossible. Then it will be determined on the server that every 2-3 months it will go through a Ragnarok that no one will survive. Not a single block. Even on bases built on the highest rocks. I believe that this way, everyone will be able to have fun and enjoy together everything that Conan Exiles has to offer. Thank you for your attention, Carcarah.

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I understand your concern about new players, but I think this is not an feasible solution.
We also carried out a complete wipe of all servers on a regular basis.
Some of our exile friends want this solution, particularly on PVP servers.
However, PVE players would see this negatively.
Moreover, it is too late to put this option into practice because the players have invested a huge amount of time and effort.
For them to start all over again after so much time spent collecting, building and enslaving NPCs and totally irrelevant.

Some gains (NPCs, unique or rare weapons are no longer available be difficult to replace). However, meter specific servers for your Radnarock remains at the discretion of Funcom.
If you are a new PVP player, the best is to create a clan or join one. Good luck on Conan Exile.

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There are private options to already do this. And as long as that option remains available, we can leave officials alone.

Funcom has tried this before and it wasnt a viable option.

Many players you see, even vets, fall by the wayside over time.

The best thing a newer player can do is be patient. New clans rise and fall eventually.

Just not Akomo’s clan. Hehe!

Most servers already do this. The ones that don’t are for players who don’t wish to experience that. Everyone is already playing in the settings and experiences they like, it doesn’t make sense to change them up.

I am going to go against what possibly is the majority of players and say…
Yes the official servers is a complete cesspool of mausoleums from old players who think by having paid for the game then they also have the right to keep their place on “their” spot in the servers for as long as they want.
Many of them are rarely playing, they just log in to refresh and only play a little bit when an update comes out, but mainly just ensuring that their collection of hoarded stuff is still there.

Yes these were hard words, but they are more true than many will admit, it is also one of the reasons why official servers always will feel more dead than private servers do, Rust do however with great success wipe their servers once a month.
Not saying that Conan Exiles official servers should wipe that often or even at all, but without any upkeep cost or other limitations, official servers won’t ever become good or feel stable, still I kinda like official servers because it is there you meet and perhaps befriend new players, if they stay long enough :upside_down_face:

Ive been on 20 official servers 2 years straight now.

Its why im on official servers. There are rules and zero temptation for admin rights for myself or anyone else for that matter.

Rust isnt Conan and its had wipes from when the game launched hasnt it?

Lets say Funcom changes their stance and does wipe servers -it will take me one month to outstrip any noob and reach end game on any IOS or EL official server.

Unlike others ,the most important piece is the character i have and NOT the hoard of resources i accumulated nor the locations im situated in.

Just lost an armourers bench with resources on it- no reason, just a bug and decayed like that - poof! logged in events with nothing else as to why.

I deal with it by places my resources elsewhere in multiple locations so one bench lost isnt going to affect my gameplay as ive got stashes across the world map.My intake of resources including legendaries far outstrips losses i take from bugs

This is the real benefit of being a vet whos plays daily and not one who swoops in every 3 months to stay for a week , then gone again.

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