Conan Exiles RP


With over a thousand users Conan Exiles RP has been the gathering place for roleplayers in Conan Exiles since before the game even went live in early access. If roleplay in the rich world of R.E. Howard is your jam, please come join us.

Here you can find:
A vast listing of RP servers in every flavor imaginable
Character profiles, stories, art
Discussion of lore
Discord communities
Mod discussion, including regular updates from the amazing folks at Pippi
Discussion of our hopes and wishes for the game from a roleplayer’s perspective

Please feel free to join us!

Looking for Rp-PvE guild/server

I’ve enjoyed the Conan Exiles RP forums. It’s been a constant gathering of RPers and a wonderful place to look for servers with that style of gameplay.


It’s a great place indeed with alot of love to rp and one of the top if not the best community


Definitely the place to be for any lovers of role-play, whether they be players searching for a home or a server owner looking for good people to come and recruit.

Some extensive stories and lore makes it a nice one-stop-shop for all your Conan Exiles role-play needs.


Definitely recommended if you are looking for an RP server or looking to promote an RP server


Even if the server is for germanspeaking ppl only ? :3 grins


If you have an RP server, advertise it there! The more the merrier.


Definitely the place to be to make the most of the RP potential of this fantastic game!


Yep just posted the Serverinfo.


Thanks gang! I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such a fantastic community. We have so many talented people creating and having a good time and I really enjoy reading the stories, character profiles and seeing the dizzying array of servers that represent every playstyle imaginable. Come on over and say hi!


The true resource for anybody wanting to RP in Conan Exiles. Alexandria has created a top notch community for all of us likeminded people . Plenty of Lore resources, servers, characters’ bios and much much more:) Come and say hi, we won’t bite (unless we feel like playing a Darfari!)


Conan Exiles RP is like the one stop shop and central hub for all things RP. I love it!!


This site is good people. If you are even casually interested in RP or Conan lore check it out!


We also have a Discord, link can be found at the website. Website recently updated to make it easier to navigate and active servers easier to find! We’d love some of you console RP folk to come on over and share your servers. I know you’re out there!


Since launch the site has become more active than ever with some awesome new servers springing up and great established servers so busy they’ve had to increase the size of their server plans. A budding console community is beginning to emerge and the Discord is lively pretty much 24/7. Server owners, modders and players all coalesce and share their experiences, knowledge and just the fun of like minded people who all love this game and have a blast playing it. Come on over and say hi!


Conan Exiles RP

Still going strong with a wide array of roleplaying servers to choose from! Come check it out! :slight_smile:


Hey Alex

It has been a while since anything besides server ads were posted.

I used to enjoy posts about lore, architectural tips, server interviews and constructive RP discussions but I see none of that anymore

Any chance of a revival or are server ads the future content?


Unfortunately people tend to want to talk in Discord these days, for good or ill. However with the new year I am going to try to get some more discussions going on the website.


Getting ready to gussy up the website a bit now that the holidays are over and my attention once more returns to this great game. There are still new RP servers showing up regularly, helpful people in the Discord, and overall the community remains a laid back bunch of fun loving nerds! :wink: Please come check us out and start playing this game the way it was MEANT to be played, with all the richness of its storytelling background and lore!