Conan Exiles should go to E-SPORTS / ESL!


We can make 7 Days War one Week of permanent Play (without Sleeping, i can xD), 10 vs 10 Clan or 5 vs 5 but more vs more are better i think, map is Big.

What you think About that, we Play Live for Honor :smiley: and everybody can Watch this War

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I don’t think Conan Exiles lends itself well to eSports to be honest.

You either reduce it to a (relatively barebones) arena-style event, in which case there are better alternatives - or you include everything (building, gathering etc) in which case it’s IMHO too slow-paced, even at quick gather rates.


You’re suggesting a custom modded map like the defunct “ARK survival of the fittest”?

There is no proper game balance for Conan to be a PvP E-Sports game.

For PvE though you could make a race competition. For example the clan that has the highest level after a specific amount of time wins or the clan who farmed the most “gold” or whatever.

definitly no. conan is not an e sport

I have some ideas on tournament play that would be rewarding and require no mods. Different map zones, different arenas, jousting too, PvP solo and team-play awards.

Separately I think based on history CE lends itself to Havoc play, or Blitz play, where the servers are wiped every 30 days. Supremacy would come from sheer domination in a series of round-robin or double-elimination events. Over 6 months, if we kept to 30-day wipes.

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I don’t think the combat is good (balanced) enough to be an esport in itself.

Me and some friends talked about making a thing where you have a limited area of the map and give one team mats to build and one team mats to attack, but the build phase probably wont be interesting for esport and I’m guessing a lot of battles would either take to long to keep spectators interested, or would end unresolved if you put a time limit.

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