Conan Exiles Steam Community Challenge - More Details

From May 27th to June 3rd ANYONE can play Conan Exiles for FREE on Steam!

To celebrate the launch of Isle of Siptah, the massive new expansion to Conan Exiles, we are calling upon all barbarians to take up arms against the savage hordes of the Exiled Lands and the island of Siptah!

During the Steam Free Week, every non-player enemy killed on any Conan Exiles server will be counted and added to a community-wide total. The more monsters slain, the more exclusive in-game rewards will be unlocked for the benefit of all players. If the community manages to come together and slay 50,000,000 enemies before time is up, all rewards will be unlocked including the Pirate Horse mount! The progress bar will be updated every few hours so everyone can see how the community is tracking towards this common goal.

So gather you friends, pick up your swords, and drive your enemies before you like never before!

Check out the progress here:

The Steam Free Week and the community unlocks campaign will run from May 27th at 19:00 CEST / 1pm EDT to June 3rd at 19:00 CEST / 1pm EDT.
Enemies killed that are spawned through the Admin panel (or any other “nefarious” means) will not count towards the total.
Only enemies killed on PC will be counted towards the total.
The items unlocked by the community will become available to all players across all platforms a few weeks after the challenge has ended.