Conan Exiles Twitch Drops: May 27 - May 31 :pogchamp:

Looks like my PS4 download speed is getting throttled by Sony so, I may just stream the Exiles map so people can get the drop.

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Multitask, Exile: get the steelfire cooking as you’re hammering the iron reinforcements. While I work today I’ll earn about $■■■ an hour. Ordinarily I’d be watching stuff from a streaming service, where I’m seeing their ads, or actually paying for their ads to be absent. Today I will watch someone I like play a game I love while I’m making money for my business. And earn in-game loot. Loot is loot.


Then you are missing out. I have 4 or 5 realize friends who stream on twitch…each one makes a little side coin. They filled me in on how it works. but it is nice to know some do it as a labor of love…but I will pass on watching others game. Too busy in life. Again, if PURELY cosmetic, I am fine with it…but if there is a hint of getting a unique build for pcp, I am done with game.

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I’ve seen a couple, real combats, and was on the ground for some Admin smack-downs of cheaters. These devs don’t mess about.


will be good to have a list of streamers from the forum doing this , I rather join them that someone I have not heard before.

I am on central time when should I log in?


Hello @ Palm522,

So far the links for twitch I see are from:

h3rb1x (me)
Rollotomozi @ Rollotomozi
Pr0mythean @ Pr0mythean
sirneothematrix @ NeoTheMatrix
jmsasuke @ jmsasuke
the7thcrest @The7thCrest
guntech1 @guntech1
Juicy_Lo Recommended by @Barnes

Anyone else?

Adding a link to this stream warning.


I don’t know you h3rb1 but I will be watching you… Sounds creepy AF XD

You are being very helpful to twitch noobs like me, and I appreciate it.

:metal: :smiling_imp:


Cue The Police singing in the background


super mario :smiley: <3 follow


SWEeet thanks, any others? tell h3rb1 :slight_smile: he can pull that list.

now when exactly does this start? it is 9:28 am here at the time i am writing this. i am on central time, (sorry its always been confusing)


Well i can give mine but i am mix language streamer ( more like not even language but muti chat :smiley: ) caused by things i stream of ‘‘self’’ maked pc almost ( broken one ) so i dont even know if i am capable to hold without crashs… And i am kike that one before ‘‘silent’’ streamer, just vanilla games and drops without any voice or camera :smiley:
well i guess if thats ok then there

Twitch of me


est 5pm i think but i don´t know


Everyone is welcomed and added to the list!

it says the topic tittle that the thing starts in 9minutes

who will be streaming it in 9 minutes?

asking cause,. i have some time now.:slight_smile:

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Sorry, @Palm522 wish I could but, Sony is slowing down the update to my PS4 right now. I will post once I am on maybe another hour.

Warning: Due to the slowdown it will be EL not Siptah, and mostly I will be AFK…not that matters for drops. :smirk:

Hi friends, quick notice/clarification for those this may affect:

What devices can I use to claim Drops?

The new Drops service supports using your PC/Mac web browser or on the Twitch app for Android and iOS to earn and claim Drops. Twitch apps on game consoles, smart TVs, and other TV apps do not support the new Drops service at this time.

Source: Twitch Customer Support

So in order to earn drops from viewing streams, it looks like you’ll need to use a browser or the mobile app and not an app from your TV or console. Thank you @Rollotomozi for the heads-up. I am going to assume this is current information given it’s from Twitch’s own site, so please be aware of this when viewing streams!


ok , i just claimed the banner of the dragon, a nemedian banner :slight_smile:


Huh??? Nemedian banner??

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despues de reclamar el Drop, cuanto tarda en aparecer en el juego¿? estoy en PS4.

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