Conan Exiles Twitch Drops: May 27 - May 31 :pogchamp:

Bad advice IMO.

This is an apples to oranges comparison. Most people that I know PAID for Conan Exiles, they did not get it for free. Most players were not “GIFTED” Conan Exiles. These items modify Conan Exiles.

Therefore the more apt comparison is that you BOUGHT a car, and someone swapped the axles with rusted ones (modifying your car without your consent), and in order to maintain the status quo of a safe car (i.e. have all of the items in the game, to ensure that you have access to the META) you must do what they request of you. In order for them to bring the rusted ones up to code–or replace them)

Now… I believe that these items are/will be properly balanced (Especially after unlocking the first recipe today and crafting the items). However, the point still stands that in the PvP game mode, there is no such thing as a “Purely Cosmetic” item unless the physics colliders are exactly the same, and the meshes have the exact same ratio within the colliders. Therefore, where most people see “just another skin” a skillful PvP player thinks… “Hmmm… I wonder if that wolf statue has as much HP as a throne or a T3 altar and if I can better block doors with it”. (Granted, I say all of this knowing full well that the PvP game mode on Official Servers is pretty dead already due to the unfortunate existence of 3rd party hacks-- a shame really, but not something I blame Funcom for, as really all modern multiplayer games have this problem)

My point therefore, is that Funcom has a responsibility to its customers–like every other company in existence–to make sure that the items introduced do not break the experience (for ANY game mode) and that any items introduced will not unbalance gameplay to the best of their ability. So far, I think FC is doing a great job at fixing the game and adding content. However, PvE and PvE-C players need to recognize that new items have the potential to change the game in PvP, and it is therefore essential for almost all PvP clans to have at least 1 player with these recipes.

So…while they might be “NICE TO HAVE” for PvE, PvE-C and RPers, they are ESSENTIAL for PvP players… (especially because we don’t even know what type of armor or stat bonuses the armor has, so we HAVE to have it JUST IN CASE it is the META.) A potential solution to this is to announce Events further in advance, with more information about the items. (Something I would definitely recommend as I would love to see more of these drops–if handled a bit better.)

But your comparison of free stuff @Testerle is off–in my mind. Yes it IS free stuff, but the game we bought wasn’t free, and IF the items even ACCIDENTALLY create a meta, Then PvPers will want them. Meaning: If you play PVP, you MUST have all items that are not purely functionally identical. Because statues have different shapes and colliders, they are not functionally identical in the context of PvP.

PvP combat and raid mechanics are not the same thing. PvE-C has no raid mechanic PVE-C and PvP are not the same thing. Please see my above post for an exploration of this.

Would you please humor me and just accept that since I’ve played over 2500 hours on PvP servers that maybe I know something about them you guys don’t?

Can you please rephrase? I’m not sure I understand this. I don’t understand how complaining EVER affects gameplay. Complaints =/= code.

Of course. I’m not questioning your knowledge, I’m questioning your attitude. You said it yourself: there was no information about these items, and yet you decided to make a big deal.

Sure. To put it bluntly, if you (or anyone else) keep finding reasons to complain about every change because it supposedly upsets the delicate balance of PVP, then maybe the problem isn’t with the delicate balance of PVP, but with you. Specifically, with your ability or willingness to adapt to changes.


i’m not a friend of real life comparisons either way (even though i’ve used one myself), but this comparison really makes even less sense than mine, but let’s stick to cars. we didn’t swap axes here, we got a pink foxtail as a gift, but only if we show up at the dealer on a very specific day at a very specific time. instead of saying thank you, we go to the dealer and complain why the foxtail is pink and why a foxtail at all, we want a rabbit’s foot… instead of just saying thank you, or just no thank you it’s not my thing

this was the last comment from me on this topic. you can stop dissecting my older comments. i’ll stick with it: a lot of what was said here shows, in my opinion, an extremely high level of ingratitude that i absolutely can’t understand. especially not if you look at what it’s about (btw. the stats of the items are partly already in the wiki since yesterday evening).

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Which I have a little (PS4 flavoured) something going to mitigate over the course of the drop campaign should anyone be keen.

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This is precisely WHY it is such a big deal.

Firstly: I feel personally attacked by this statement: “keep finding reasons to complain about every change”, as I have RARELY complained about changes to Conan Exiles and it feels much more like a personal jab.

Secondly: You have clearly misunderstood my argument. I have no problem with changes. In my working memory, I have never complained about a change that Funcom has made to the game except for my recent critique of the archery nerf that was going to be–in my personal and professional opinion, and the opinion of many other PvP players–disastrous (and was subsequently reverted–wisely, in my opinion). However, I feel as though you are treating PvP players as second class citizens. All game modes should be equally valued IMO.


Please follow me through a thought experiment:

  1. Assume for a moment that the Wolf Statue to be released has an elongated cubical hitbox (like many of the statues already in game).
  2. Also assume that the statue also has 200,000 hitpoints and for some reason can not have bombs placed on it.

The introduction of this item will have little to no bearing on PvE or PvE-C game modes, as there is no building damage.

In a PvP context, a player could literally surround their vaults and bases with wolf statues, rendering the vaults effectively 2x stronger OR MORE. Again this “cosmetic item” would have no bearing on PvE or PvP-C, excepting maybe the purge. However, this “Cosmetic Item” could have ENORMOUS implications in PvP. Conversely, if the statue only had 5000 hp, it wouldn’t matter in PvE or PvE-C, but would not destroy PvP as it falls within the commonly accepted range of HP for that placeable. Funcom knows this, and I trust that they will balance the items appropriately. HOWEVER, PvP players seek every advantage they can get, and PvP players will want the recipes for these items to ensure that they have every advantage they can get.

To illustrate this point further, by explaining a discrepancy that ALREADY exists in the game:

  1. When stacking fence foundations, it is possible to place any fence foundation on top of any other fence foundation–(except for Khitan in some instances, which is a known bug).

  2. Any wall made by stacking fence foundations on top of it can be climbed. If a player is climbing said wall, it is possible to REST ON THE WALL, restoring stamina at a midpoint on the wall. This is made possible by a collision overhang on the bottom fence foundation.

  3. Importantly, when Funcom made the Architects of Argos DLC, whichever artist/tech artist was working on the build set FIXED this collision overhang on the new building kit. Therefore, you cannot rest on an Argossian Fence Foundation Wall. Likewise, this new collision setup was kept for the Stormglass set. So you cannot rest on it either. But you can rest on every other type of fence foundation wall. Therefore, Stormglass and Argossean Fence Foundations are empirically better–albeit, by a slim margin–for anti-climb than any other fence foundation wall. Do keep in mind however, that this “slim margin” is enough to allow a player to climb a wall they may not be able to climb otherwise, or place a bomb (which you can do by the way) on the little collision ledge of a fence foundation–blowing up a wall with a bomb essentially placed in the air.

Some people would call this Pay2Win. I call this Pay2Play.
Buy everything if you want to be competitive in Conan, in order to have every available option. This mentality applies also to the twitch drops.

Now for the final assumption:
Assume that, for whatever reasons (several good examples provided in this thread already), you are unable to be online and obtain the Twitch Drop… and that you play on a PvP server. You don’t have the new META wolf statue. You are now at a significant disadvantage compared to the players that do have access to it.

Because we (PvP players) do not KNOW the statistics of these items, we have no way of knowing if they are worth getting, so we err on the side of not missing out. We never know if that new throne might just have a massive hitbox. Therefore, to a serious PvPer, these are not “free cosmetics”. They are “possibly meta-changing items” and missing out could mean the difference between life and death. Essentially: “Take it or leave it” means “Agree to do the stuff and get these items” or “Stop Playing PvP Entirely”.

Again, I believe that Funcom has already designed these items to be balanced, but I wish that people would stop calling my “passion” an “exaggeration”. Just because something isn’t important to you doesn’t mean it isn’t important to someone else.

I am a PvE, RP, and PvP player. I have played well over 3000 hours of this game, all online. I don’t want any changes the will ruin the game for PvE, PvE-C, or PvP players. Since the HP, Hitboxes, and Stats of these items are mostly irrelevant for every game mode except PvP (where building damage is enabled and having a bad Combat Spec+Armor can result in your Buildings being destroyed). Why are you guys telling me that my perspective is irrelevant. (i.e. That I am exaggerating)? Feels like complete gaslighting to me, just because you guys don’t seem to care about the health of the PvP segment of this community.

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I just watched Mizkif stream on Conan Exiles. Such an entertaining stream, I was laughing so hard.
Conan Exiles stream starts at 0:55:00 mark.

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If I had to describe my concerns list them as a form of exclusivity. The main beneficiaries are those who are from a upper socio-economic demographic, and those who are better geographically positioned, being either in or closer to a higher population area.

In a strange way it reminds me of some of the statues we can obtain with collectors editions of certain games. They are $500+ and even then not many of these limited edition items make their way down here. It is a system which benefits the fortunate, and either excludes, or at the very least presents challenges for the downtrodden.

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No @The7thCrest, it is you who are on the right track here my friend, I only hilighted another aspect of what you have already done an outstanding job pointing out. For anyone who may have only just joined the discussion, see Post no.7 for clarification.

I would also point out that one of these items, the Bookcase, is a highly sought after and often requested feature as we can see here.

So are highly requested items now going to be exclusively Twitch drops too…!? I mean what is next, are Armor Display Racks/Mannequins going to be a Twitch drop exclusive too someday? I am sorry, but this establishes an uncomfortable precedent for me.


Can someone help me, I linked my twitch watched the stream for 2 hours, claimed the drop but cannot access it in game yet?? What have I done wrong?

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If your on PlayStation than you’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t know of anyone here in these forums that have managed to successfully gain access to any of the drops yet. @AndyB is aware of the situation so I’d say a fix won’t be far off. As long as you have claimed them on twitch they are not going anywhere.

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Hello @Vampira246, here’s something to try from the bug report post, please respond to that post if it works for you.

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But for ps4 u guys dont have some thing like ‘‘update’’ game or something, i had same issue on pc, all fixed when game updated. with small MB i mean like force update or so? PC side had other issues but for now seems fixed :smiley:


They not aired yet. After 2 hours they start :smiley: 18:00 GTM+3

To people who are having troubles in opening Steam Overlay after clicking on the link in the ingame menu. Remove your Reshade’s “d3d9.dll” from conan exiles (just put it on desktop temporarelly) and then launch the game and Steam Overlay will work once you click link to connect account.

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I usually level thru to 60. Never craft anything except stone daggers and stone tools. Of course I am power leveling on pvp. Be surprised how skippable everything between stone and arceheronian is. And the only reason I do archeronian pick is so I can farm the materials for stations I need to upgrade to star metal tools…

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Yes, we have the update option but, we have to wait for Tuesday since it’s the Sony “patch date” for consoles (unless there is an emergency update…etc).

Yeah, I definitely should not have phrased it like that. You, personally, have not complained about every change. Your post on this thread just happened to fall into the same pattern that a small-but-vocal subset of PVP community here follows. I didn’t mean to conflate you, in general, with that subset, but rather highlight that pattern and direct that message to them. I apologize for what ended up being a personal attack.

No, actually, I’m trying to say that I’m really sick of the vice versa. I know PVP players on these forums, such as @biggcane55 and @Barnes, that I respect and whose opinions I generally tend to trust. They tend to post concerns that are well thought-out and consistent, and they don’t dismiss PVE concerns in their discussions. But people like that seem to be a minority.

In general, the PVP community on these forums treats PVE players as second-class citizens, and after years of that, it will get through even the thickest skin, let alone mine. And by now, I find that I really have a problem with that.

Yes, they should. And they are, by Funcom. But what I’m talking about is not Funcom, it’s people on the forums.

Look, the vast majority of the nerfs we’ve ever gotten in this game were due to PVP concerns. Many PVE players have strong feelings about that. I generally don’t – with notable exceptions like Lifeblood spear or the karmic effect – because I understand that if something breaks the balance, it has to be fixed, and PVE players aren’t as affected and will have to adapt.

But every time a PVE player brings up a valid PVE concern in a PVP discussion, the majority of PVP players will dismiss that concern with a “who cares, you play PVE, that doesn’t matter” attitude. That in itself is grating, but it would be fine if there weren’t so bloody many of those PVP complaints and calls for nerfs. You can’t swing a dead cat in these forums without getting a call to nerf the Dead Cat Meta :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that explains what I was reacting to and what I was trying to say :slight_smile:

That was a very good and detailed description. But like I said, I’m not and I wasn’t denying that there could be problems with the new content. What I’m objecting to is using that as a basis for complaining about Twitch drops specifically. Or at least, I was objecting to that, until I realized – while I was writing this post – that there’s a critical difference between Twitch drops and DLCs that I have completely overlooked. I’m going to give it special emphasis, because I might not be the only one who overlooked it:

The big difference is that you can buy the DLC any time you want. If you miss a Twitch drop, you can’t get that content ever, unless they later release it as a DLC.

Going back to your Argossean fence example: once the Argossean fence emerges as an advantage, there will be people who will complain about it on the forums (rightly so), but there will also be people who will just go and buy it. I’m not going to discuss whether that’s unfair or pay-to-win or pay-to-play, that’s beside the point I’m trying to make.

The point is that if the Twitch drop content happens to offer an advantage similar to the Argossean fence, anyone who didn’t get the drop on the day it was out is SOL. They might be capable of watching Twitch for two hours, they might be willing to do so, but they didn’t do it on that specific day, and now they’re at a disadvantage.

And that is a complaint I can get behind 100%.

No, dude. I can’t speak for others, but in my case, it was the oversight I mentioned above. Your complained honestly looked like an exaggeration to me, because I thought that Twitch drops were no different from DLCs.

If they were no different from DLCs, it would have been an exaggeration, because in both cases you have a group of “haves” (those who are able and willing to get the new content) and a group of “have-nots”, and the dynamics are the same: if the new content confers a significant advantage on the “haves”, then it’s a matter of taking it to these forums post-facto and trying to get it fixed.

But as it turns out, it is different from DLCs and I understand and agree with the complaint. Sorry if it felt like gaslighting, but sometimes things that are obvious to some are not obvious to others :man_shrugging:

FWIW, thank you for being patient enough to help me change my mind :slight_smile:


[reading from Pop-Culture Scripture]
As the Qui-Gon said in his declaration to the Gunga: “You form a symbiont circle, what happens to one of you affects the other, you must understand this…”

And it was good.