Conan Exiles Twitch Drops: May 27 - May 31 :pogchamp:

Any progress on why PlayStation users are not getting these drops in game @AndyB?


The chair did that to me also, I just picked it up.
This armor is a cross between halloween Bacchanalia and a walking fruit salad, but I love it.


Working towards the day 3 drops now. Sadly missed out on the first few days because I missed any announcements for it (real life stuff) :smiley:

Anyone know if there will be more chances to get items people missed out on in the future?

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I don’t understand how to get this items in the game.
I claimed them in the twitch site but i don’t see how does that transfer them to the game.

Do you realize you’re actually complaining about getting free decoration recipes and free arrmor recipes? Not to mention they’re doing this on memorial day weekend when alot of people are off and they’re doing it for a promotion to get people excited about both Isle of Siptah and the base game. According to your logic it’s sleezy to give away free in game items. This event also encourages people to watch the game who maybe skeptical of it and are unsure if they want to get it to make up their own minds. Not to mention you don’t even have to watch it to get the drops you can put it on in the background and turn down the volume low or just leave it up when you go to work. This is actually a very generous way for them to advertise because like you said they could just make another DLC and sale it but they’re not they’re giving away in game items. All I’m saying is maybe you can give Funco and the devs a small break for being so “sleezy” and giving free items away.

We have an idea why, but not an immediate solution. In the meantime we urge PlayStation folks to make certain you’re claiming your drops on your Twitch account as soon as possible after you’ve earned them.

This ensures they’ll remain on your Twitch account so when we do have a solution ready, you’ll be able to get all the rewards in game as intended.


it automatically goes into the designated area you would have to make them in. Example the armor would be in the armorers bench and the statues would be in the artisan bench etc. etc.


Thanks :pray:


thanks for info, but the problem is - i couldnt click ‘claim’ before connecting my account. so it is against what u said in faq :frowning:

I’ve been claiming everything as I earn them so they’d stay in my Drops page. While I figured they’d be safe there until you guys figure out what’s going on, it’s good to have solid confirmation on that at least.

So thanks for that, Andy! Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Hello @CurtChan the information provided is correct.

Twitch specifically says that you can claim before connecting the account. Checkout How to Discover and Claim Drops on Twitch for more details.

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If you watch your stream you do. I have it running on my computer and play on my PS5…Got all the Drops


Yep! Was watching on my phone and streaming on my PS4, worked like champ! :grinning:

Happy CakeDay… :cake:


Regular reminder that while we’re totally fine if folks like or dislike this Twitch campaign and/or want to disagree with each other about it, please avoid ad hominem attacks. thank u :pray:


That is incorrect. The Atlantean Sword and Royal Armor were NOT distributed according to platform. BOTH items were available on all platforms. I know this because I own both items. Yes I brought the game twice. And I would do it again! :yum:

But rather, they were assigned based on the format the game was purchased. The sword came with the physical/disc version of the game, whereas the armor came with the digital/downloadable version.


I disconnected my Twitch account for reference and was still able to claim items after earning them. I claimed the Standard of the Dragon and Wolf Statue earlier today, but disconnected before claiming the Tunic of the Watchers.

How it looks on my desktop browser:

How it looks on my Android Twitch app:

I was able to hit the ‘Claim Now’ button for the Tunic on desktop and it added it to my ‘Claimed’ section below:

And you can see I still have the Day 1 rewards in my inventory as well. I missed Day 2 :x


Limited time event none-the-less… could only get it with “means”… same applies to internet.

I’ve been watching every day, and my rewards were showing up I just didnt claim them immediately because I had no idea I had a time limit to claim. Now the first day of items have dropped from my list. Is there anything i can do or am i just screwed?

Once you meet the time requirements for each reward, Twitch sends you a notification to claim the items by a certain date and time. If you didn’t do that, well… sorry to say but that’s unfortunately on you, I’m afraid.

twitch sent me no such notification. i play on pc btw. not sure thats relevant.