Conan Exiles Twitch Drops: May 27 - May 31 :pogchamp:

Just throwing in here that I hope there is something that gets done here to address those of us who watched the twitch streams during the initial days, only to not realize you had to click ‘claim reward’, and lost out even though we spent the time to support the streamers and Conan. I announced this promotion to a private Discord group of gamers when I saw it and everyone was super excited and participated. (We regularly play a Conan Server.) Not one of us caught on to the fact we would lose things if we didn’t hit ‘claim’ in 24 hours, and well all were on and supporting the game, excited for this. This seems very disheartening.

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its something else… for me front is ok but i see like that from back probably because males dont show hairy belly as woman chars do

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Hello @DwightKing glad to see back on the forums!
I understand that you lost out on the items, sorry to hear that.

But, to make sure where the issue are was:

  1. Twitch mobile app didn’t send a notification/warning on for the claim? and when I don’t use the mobile app,
  2. Twitch didn’t send a notification/warning email for the claim, and if I don’t check emails, the desktop browser,
  3. Twitch didn’t display the “claim now” notification?

Screenshot at 2021-05-31 14:51:45

Also, are you on PlayStation PS4/PS5 by any chance, there is a post listing all claim issues maybe not everything is lost, it could be just an error that it’s currently getting worked on.



A friend of mine got Conan Exiles to link to her twitch account on PC. But her twitch account does not show she is linked. Following the button in-game again, which still shows she is connected, and Opening Twitch Settings in the Steam Overlay shows the connections page, but there is no entry for Conan Exiles like I have.

Has anyone else on PC had this issue where the game says you are linked, but twitch does not?

Thanks for running this over this (mostly) three-day weekend. Excellent idea and a fantastic opportunity to see so many Twitchers (not the avian version) in action. A lot of fun and in some cases, a great opportunity to meet up with some old friends (age version and you know who you are :slight_smile: ) I do hope this is not the first and last time that we see this.

I know it has obviously been posted already, but if people need to check they got all their due booty, Twitch is a quick way to check.

Like that early-access rhino we got at first Ziptah launch, these cosmetic items and their concept is a great add. Thanks to the Team for running the promotion.


It’s been an absolute pleasure having some of y’all hang out in my streams over the past few days - hope you’ve had as much fun watching as me & the gang have had exploring, looting, and being flung into walls by demonic bats… and a massive thanks to the Funcom team for putting the event on. Issues aside, it’s been fun as heck.

For the streamers; sorry if I haven’t been able to get eyes on your channel yet (it’s been a busy few days, y’know?), but I’ll be keeping an eye out for twitch links over in the Conan Exiles Fan-made Discord, so don’t be shy about dropping your channel in there and should timezone alignment be favourable, I’ll almost definitely be dropping by at some stage.

I’m just about to fire up the PS4 for the last stream during the drops event; feel free to swing in and say hi (we might even see it somewhere between all the screaming and the dying and the running away from things) and claim your Day 5 drops if you haven’t already!


This will likely be my final reply to you in this thread as neither of us is going to change our point of view. And at this point in time I have far more pressing matters to attend to here.

Erm yes, because people such as myself would actually have access to them them, as opposed to not having access to them.

And the alternative of ‘watch to win’ would be a much lesser evil…!? Im sorry but I dont agree with that. Furthetmore, if that were the case, then that once again just goes to show why private servers are the better way to go.

God talk about a self contradicting statement. You begin by belly aching about the size of updates, then praise a Twitch stream which chews through data for 5 consecutive days! I dont even want to guess how much data that would consume. That is not ‘accessible’ as I understand the definition. Yet at the same time the average Conan Exiles DLC pack which arent even a gig in size.

Again I disagree. I felt that this was the most exclusionist distribution means to date. Probably not a problem living in the USA and a major metropolitan city like Boston. But for many other players around the world like myself, we just got left out, as did many collectors and completionists the world over.

I wasn’t bellyaching about the big downloads so much as putting the concern of bandwidth into context. I also dont dispute that there are those (myself included actually) that would rather just shell out cash. My point is that it appears we people who ordinarily don’t watch streams are now in the minority, and given the spike in player numbers and the progress towards 50M kills, the current campaign appears very effective as a marketing strategy.


One would think that there would be boots but perhaps the devs spaced it.

The set was originally designed with 4 pieces.


First ever twitch event are over it was nice tho :smiley: thanks for supporting little streamers :)) <3


I can save your viewers time on surviving pvp. 90% of it is play 10 hours a day.

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Andy, just wanted to let you know I went through the process of trying to see if Twitch would do anything about it. They sent me a ticketed reply stating the 24 hour rules for thier drops, so i’m pretty sure it was a once over. They aren’t likely going to anything to help. Just wanted to let you know where things stand. Our last hope is that the powers that be allow us some sort of reprieve on Funcoms end via perhaps you.

I know i know. I’m not gonna get my hopes up too high, but I’d like to think they will do what I believe is the right thing.

Thanks again for your attention to this. Much appreciated.

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Other option is have 40 people that play 2 hours a day. (I.E. What most hardcore alphas do).

damn it i missed the even… will there be other ways to claim or to get these items in the future somehow? my entire basement got flooded and wasn’t able to follow and participate in this event unfortunately… I’m really really hoping we can get these items and armors eventually, been wanting that watchers armor set ever since i first saw it on the test live servers and i would be willing to pay to get that.


Evidently steam has a give away kill many millions of enemies for what looks to be a armor set I on ps4 so I don’t think I would be eligible. Wish you had the item I got watching for 2 days twitch and ps4 don’t seem to like each other so I give up.


Hello @sestus2009 the steam event benefits all platforms.

The items unlocked by the community will become available to all players across all platforms a few weeks after the challenge has ended.


I don’t think any of progress is from us on console thou… I saw topic title on other thread and shrug it off as player event or something. Since there seemed to be no major mention of it.


Right, the progress is not tracked on console, so it was only announced for PC and on Steam.


The Slay 50,000,000 Enemies event just hit the 50kk kills! :skull_and_crossbones:

Good job everyone. :100: :star_struck:

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