Conan Exiles Twitch Drops: May 27 - May 31 :pogchamp:

The Slay 50,000,000 Enemies event just hit the 50kk kills! :skull_and_crossbones:

Good job everyone. :100: :star_struck:

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Congratulations you bunch of murderous barbarians. You’ve sort of smashed through the goals faster than expected :sweat_smile:

And as an FYI confirming what @fito quoted: All platforms will get these drops! When? In an upcoming patch in the near future. Stay tuned!


It’s not a coincidence that 50kk hit close to Twitch Drops end time. At the beginning, I thought we only had time until the end of Twitch Drops and not Steam Free Week. :flushed: I guess not only I thought so.

For a few weeks I only played singleplayer :yum: / coop. So I immediately went back to my old :older_man: character on the online server and started slaughtering enemies left and right. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :crossed_swords: :broken_heart:


Hello, I received all the drops on the Twitch website, but in the game I cannot get these items, the account is linked correctly and the game shows a link with twitch and everything is done correctly, but still I can neither create items nor pull them out of the admin panel.
PC platform


Can you craft these items in a private/official server?


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Drops received

Account linked

Items cannot be crafted or given out

U tryed to update game?

Pressed ‘‘claim’’ in twitch?

For me ( pc ) all is ok everything is spawnable and so on


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Thanks for the info. Poking the team to see if they’re aware of other similar issues on PC and possible workarounds.
Edit: Alright, back!
It seems the Twitch account is not connected on the in-game backend (but it is on the Twitch side). It can happen if you tried to disconnect/reconnect different accounts and got them mixed up. If there is a problem with the linking, it may be solved by:

  1. Clicking the Link Twitch Account button in game main menu

  2. If there is already connected Twitch account:

  3. Clicking the Open Twitch Settings Wepbage button and verifying that there is no connection to Conan Exiles. It is important to do this in game within the steam overlay , if there are any problems with differences between Twitch and in game status of linking.

  4. Close the Twitch webpage and wait a few seconds.

  5. Click again on the Link Twitch Account button in game main menu

  6. Reconnect the Twitch Account

  7. If there is no connected Twitch account on the in-game side it will automatically open the connection webpage:

  8. Log into your Twitch account from your browser outside the game. Unlink the Conan Exiles Account Link from the Twitch Settings Wepbage

  9. Go back to game and continue with linking

If there is still information about the already connected Twitch account, try to log into any server and then go back to main menu.

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After disabling Conan Exiles in twitch according to the instructions, my account no longer connects to the twitch, and it constantly shows that I am connected to the twitch service

When I click the Open Twitch setting button

And it is impossible to change these settings, and now it turns out that I cannot disconnect it all the time it is connected, and it does not appear in the twitch settings connection with Conan Exiles

I went in and out of the server, and did everything according to the instructions, they write on the twitch that the problem is on your part, since everything is in order with my account. And I have one.

Wait some time, and force update the game itself + copy button link and connect via browser not steam ( by screens u show i had same thing when i asked andy what the hell is with connection, that after 1 day drop twitch kicked me from connection but game still thinks i am connected)

I’m on PS5 and the Twitch link goes to my account, shows its connected to Conan, shows all the drops have been received, yet I still can’t craft them in game or even see them.

Twitch is connected properly to the proper account, and everything is verifiable and easily confirmed. Not sure what is going on, but logging off and back on definitely doesn’t do anything for me.

My account is connected, I claimed every drop, yet the last one (the Watcher’s Bookshelf) does not appear in my drop inventory nor in my feat list to craft it.

Is there anything I can do about this? I DID claim it :frowning:

If you’re on PS4/PS5 you just have to wait. Funcom is investigating.

If you’ve claimed the items in twitch then you have them and don’t have to worry. Just have to wait for ps4/ps5 game to properly include them and the twitch linking

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Well, looks these twitch drops may come back in the future. So, if the claim didn’t work the first time now you have a second chance (maybe).

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That’s the thing, MAYBE. The way they are handling the situation. Between being vague with their official statements, not replying to peoples questions/concerns on the matter. It kind of dissuades you from wanted to even participate in these events again. Especially if you’re on console.

Every single company will either stay silent or be “vague” when they don’t have anything better to say. If there are currently no concrete plans to do X, the best they can do when asked “will you do X” is to say “there are currently no concrete plans to do X”. Why is this so hard to understand?

Good afternoon, I already wrote to you about the problem with the twitch. So I can’t solve it, I left my account in the browser, I did everything according to the instructions, but now the game always shows that I have an account linked, while there is no link to it in fact, no matter what I do nothing changes …

I also lost the ability to create a wartorn rhino that was opened for purchasing the island of siptah in pre-order.

AndyB Edit: removed steamID from post