Conan Exiles: Upcoming for the next week!

Hello Exiles,

In the past few months, we have been working on improving our communications and want to make sure we have an open and direct line to you, the Conan Exiles Community.
We do check the forums frequently. It’s important to us and the dev team, to know what your concerns and issues are.

We can see that you are as passionate about Conan Exiles as we here at Funcom and discussions can turn very heated very quickly. We absolutely love and appreciate constructive feedback but please remember that in these cases it gets increasingly difficult to collect reports and input. That is one of the reasons we have forum guidelines in place. Not to silence you but to make sure we have meaningful discussions that help us get a feeling for your concerns, find your feedback and note down and find reports to work with.

COMMUNICATIONS and the community team

The community team is also part of the Funcom Marketing Team which means we work on everything Marketing as well as everything involving our communities. That includes Twitch Streams, Newsletters, Campaigns, Contests and much more. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for the Community Managers to get back to every single message while also focusing on a lot of other community and marketing duties the same time. We would love to though and it’s important to us.

With that said, we feel very strongly that there is always room for improvement when it comes to communication.

The first attempt to balance this out was to have sticky threads on the different sub forums which ended up being too inefficient to maintain. That is the reason we recently implemented our Community Trello Board where you can track issues, link it to fellow players and vote on your most requested fixes.

Additionally, as mentioned a little while back, we will have more people join our community team who will be available on the forums and social channels to lend a hand, collect issues and reports. These Community Supports will be fully dedicated to answering your questions and help resolving issues on the forums, within their power. They will also keep collecting and tracking your reports and feedback. The first new blood will be starting on Monday. We are super excited to have a new member on board but more on that next week!

We hope that with having more dedicated people in place, we’ll have a better response time and record to show you that we do hear and care about your input and feedback.


In the past, our patching process has been quite frantic. Mostly because we wanted to get fixes out as fast as possible. However, that did lead to additional issues as well as challenges communication and patch notes wise.

In order to provide better quality fixes, updates will slow down slightly but will be more predictable with one Patch for all platforms per month and hotfixes as needed. This will give us more time to have patches on TestLive and also release updates for the different platforms much closer together or even simultaneously. You will also know when to expect patches.

Case in point, PATCHING PLANS:

  • We just updated TestLive with an additional patch in preparation for next week.
  • We plan to Patch PC/Xbox and PS4 early next week with the Build that is currently on TestLive. This means the Katana, the archery changes, auto-mod updated as well as a lot of bug fixes.
  • Another plan for later next week is to deploy a new patch for TestLive bringing you a big update for building load times and additional, lag and performance improvements. It will also have fixes for all the under-meshing issues/locations you reported to us.
  • We do plan to have another TestLive patch out before the Holidays which will hopefully have some of the many Purge fixes we’ve been talking about in the past.

Next week, we should also have more info and details regarding focus going forward and where we are with the Purge fixes!

We wish everyone a playful and great weekend and as always, thank you so very much for being part of your community :slight_smile: