Conan Exiles - Wish List Obsidian statues

Obsidian statues, I came up with an idea to increase the value of obsidian and a create a replayability loop. If you gave the option to make all the statues an obsidian variant. You wouldn’t have to create any 3D meshes. Just the raster image texture. To an obsidian glass appearance. So whoever your texture artist is. And then update your recipe, at The Artisan bench. Instead of using Stone, it requires obsidian. Because right now obsidian is almost worthless. It’s not worth wasting the steel when you can use it on more important things like building materials. And the stats on the obsidian weapons are subpart compared to other things like Star metal.

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This idea I really like. As a first step to making obsidian more than just byproduct that gets discarded by the thousands after sifting through it for gold and ash.

Good one!

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