Conan Exiles Xbox One Issues

Myself and several other Xbox One players are having trouble getting on Official servers. In fact the lowest ping server I’ve seen was 140, which is not good. We would prefer to play on an official due to the fact the co-op mode only allows us to go so far from one another. If you could at least fix your server ping maybe we’d be able to stay on a server past 30 seconds without the game crashing.

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When playing singleplayer when taming tralls they fall through the world when knocked out and my buildings are getting randomly destroyed

When playing co op on the civilized mode, after i die it wont let me respawn in my bed, bedroll or the desert, and i have to reset my game. but even when i exit the co op by clicking ‘exit to main menu’ it doesnt save my game. also wont let my friend join me either.