Conan had a surge in december

Steam shows it hit may 2018 numbers. I know/think there was a free weekend. But it looks like the masses are speaking that the new move mechanics, thrall leveling, mounts, and/or dodge roll have had a very positive impact. This is awesome, as this may mean a full season 3 with new DLC, and possibly some admin tools that allow better non mod customization of the map (consoles need it!!!)


As much as I want new dlc, I’m not sure all that follows.

More people means more reason to put out a sale able add on. Why the negative tone about a positive post???

I doubt that the masses are speaking and indicating a lot of people are liking everything about the update. I know two guys that tried it during the free weekend. Haven’t seen 'em since. And nobody that I know personally is keen on the idea of having to get all their followers again and level them up one by one. That was a move by Funcom that came too late for some.

I believe a free weekend, a huge update, and Christmas all in a short period of time are the reasons for the upsurge. Updates alone have always cause an upsurge in player numbers. It’ll drop off again in another thirty days or so…always does.


Amen. That change was made way too late in the process and is far from fun.

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Its just tempting to draw conclusions incorrectly. There would need to be more data to prove what you say. When it comes to spending funcom resources, I just want them to make decisions using the best data available instead of speculation. Its not negative; its just eyes wide open.


Always the nay sayers. I did not say it was sustainable. But i did say i hope it is. Becasue you know, i want to keep playing. If we are going to just be negative all the damn time, then why even post on a positive thread, or better yet wake up tomorrow cuz…

Its merely important to realise the masses have not in fact spoken they love the things you say. There was a host of new features and new players joined to check them out. That is all we really know.

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Whole heartedly agree. The last patch for this game, in my opinion, was a make or break or moment with so many core mechanics changing. Funcom has an opportunity to reshape the game with the precedent they put in motion, and the next steps are crucial. It can’t be business as usual with DLC and some cosmetics now. Bugs need to be fixed, roadmaps need to be written, and focus on improvement and addressing what is good and what is bad from the last patch really needs to be parsed out correctly.

I agree a spike in users for a handful of weeks is not a data point that I would tie myself to. There are always spikes in players after every patch and this was a big one marketed across lots of sites, with mounts being a draw. I still think mounts are just a novelty and won’t keep players simply because “mounts”. But good game play, addressing bugs, and developer communication promised will be a good foundation for player retention - cosmetics and DLC being a bonus.

Again, not tying my self to it. If you want to make a doomsday thread and wallow in pessimism, please, do so on a thread that is not wanting the game to do wll and have a future. Eff me for liking the game, and pointing out some positives. I guess i will join the darkness that is your futures. This game sucks. how dare they give me 2000+ hours for 120 dollars of cash. The shame of Funcom to be so inclined to put forth an artistic idea that does not conform to standard arena battle meta games. The dare they not go full fantasy and put in elves and flying dragons, and wizards with heal + 10. where are my randomnly generated dungeons Funcom. how dare you not add in diablo style dungeon crawling. The nerve of a company to push forth ideas that are not the norm.

that negative enough for you.

Oh yeah, how dare they not spec the game to fit the 1,000,000 different PC set ups, connections, firewall combos. They should close up shop. I am beginning to think they have personally decided to make a game solely to troll me.


You are overstating our point. To be measured is not the same as negative.

All this positivitay, yet you’re still on a console without a hotfix. You must be like the 15,667 people playing alongside me on PC right now who are voting with they keyboards. The numbers are there: we’ve never had a bounce like this. We’ve had a pop. Excluding Frozen North and official release, we’ve never had any update yield a playerbase as sustained, and modestly growing, as this.

Despite my friends @zerog and @Croms_Faithful having been somewhat repulsed, it feels like we’re really onto something special. It’s what will make Conan Exiles a decade-long game, this system of improvement, testing and dissent. I’m glad for all the voices here.


All the older MMOs I played brought me back at some point, with a big new update. Brought me back for a week or 3. Then I quit again, because the update never really changed the overall gaming experience.

Thrall leveling and mounts and stables DLC - a triple play of new stuff. Yes, it will bring in a lot of players that don’t play anymore. But only a few end up sticking around for long. The best hope Funcom has is it gives them a big surge in the DLC purchases that quarter.

As we see in the polls and forum comments, thrall leveling/limiting is not making people super happy yet. It may turn around with some needed tweaks, but sentiment is negative so far. Move mechanics also had a more negative impact than positive, but it is improving with each patch. Mounts and stables very much on the positive side. Could use improvements, but who doesn’t like having mounts?

So I expect the big drop off in January and back to around the numbers we had prior to holidays and updates.

If Funcom wanted to bring back players and keep them for more than a few weeks, they would need to do an expansion to the game. Not just a dungeon or feature update, but add a huge new section of map to explore. However, as stated by Funcom, they don’t have the capability with the current game design. In my opinion, there is always capability if they really want to pursue it. They just have to get more creative.

One game I play handled their expansion by portalling you and all your items to a new land, located on an entirely different server. When on that server, you are treated almost like an entirely new entity. New clan, new building ownership, etc. That game continued popping out new game servers/lands every couple years and it kept bring in a big surge of players each time, which lasted for months, rather than a couple weeks.

Nobody had to wipe old bases or leave old clans, You just had multiple new lands to go explore, clans and bases to make.

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I agree that consoles are always back, but i thing it is an issue of possibility. I love ps. I started my gaming experience with atari (way) back in 80s. So consoles and joysticks are more familiar to me than keyboards and mouses. At the beginning of 90s i had my first keyboard gaming experience with Amiga 2000. Anyway what i try to say at the beginning is, like it or not, pc possibilities are way bigger than consoles. A simple example is minecraft. I learn it on my pc and when i download it on ps4 i stopped playing it. I believe that if i download conan on my pc i will have to say goodbye to my beautiful couch and my 50inch tv set for realy long time. No… I am to old for this s… t. I will continue on my beloved ps4. Pls listen the voice of the old players, at least respect our back pains. Don’t send us back to the pc chair. Please sow mercy.

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I am being positive.

Laptop. Never looked back.

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It’s awesome to see the playerbase grow again! :smiley:

I’m going to be as guarded as @darthphysicist when it comes to the actual reasons for this, because there are so many variables involved and we have virtually no data to analyze. I say this without any negativity intended. Statistics and data analysis are tricky and complicated, but none of that means that we have to be pessimistic about the future of Conan Exiles. Congratulations to the team and let’s hope for the best!

Of course, we all have different ideas what “the best” means :stuck_out_tongue:


Just doing a side by side of the major patches and spikes in average users, this last patch is by far the biggest for one. Warmakers actually wnet down that month. I know Christmas vacation may have bummped it as well, but the real test is longevity. So January numbers will tell if we have gained players for a more long haul or not. But from my play time on PS4, there is not one person i have come across and play with who dwell on the movement/dodge–if anything most have adjusted, and like the dodge once they put it to practice fighting NPCs or Players. Most conversations are figuring out the meta to level thralls. That is what also gives me optimism. The fact that our fighters in the PVP clan are engaged in farming more than they were (thralling is technically farming).

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Given your x4 XP compared to PvE, I doubt that makes so much of the time :smiley:

2 UC runs and the thrall is at level20, where as in PvE I am at lvl10…

In PvP even a horse is a good option. But in PvE? Killing bosses with horses? :smiley: :smiley:

I see every week new players at the PvE server I play… But many stopped with the mounts patch. Disappointment about losing old thralls and that crap horse system (it should be a damn mount and not a follower) was a big factor in that.

2 bigger clans (>4 people) stopped playing and will not return, besides there will be really new content… I write with them quite often.

Engaged means discussing and excited. Sorry it sucks on PVE. But the fact that fighters are not thinking about just weapons is great on my end.