Conan ideas/ Comment your own!

  • maybe make a server que for when it’s full? Instead of spamming to get in
  • maybe put conan into PlayStation now like how Xbox and pc get something like that
  • maybe make it free in a couple of months for all platforms, game needs way more pop! It’s looking good now but We need more people to compete with ark/rust/dayz
    -potentially keep adding or updating exiled lands?
  • nerf daggers and claws maybe just less distance on the daggers light attack and take out bonus attributes on claws for siptah
  • we need more animals to ride on! And maybe certain animals like tigers you can make them attack
    -making all official severs 50 instead of 40

All the updates been great we just need way more pop is the main thing now!

A DLC that replaces Conan’s model with a young John Travolta, and all of his dialogue with voice clips from Welcome Back, Kotter.

Call it Conan the Barbarino.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I don’t know about that maybe dlc based off a real life person to help advertise the game yeah and bring out more dlcs in general with more than just new building pieces, maybe more animal skins or exclusive dyes like flames or Lighting

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